NXGEN Payment Services Review

NXGEN Payment Services Review, Rates, and Complaints

NCGEN Payment services is a U.S.-based merchant account provider founded in 2002 with its headquarters in Whitefish, Montana. The company absorbed into Payroc in 2019 after its merger with the Canadian company (Paylogic) but still operates under its own brand. After the joint venture, the provider started conducting offshore businesses under its DBA, NXG International Payment Services, and Payroc is operating in Canada under the DBA NXGEN Canada. Our NXGEN Payment Services Review covers all the major aspects of the company like rates, complaints, customer support, and products.

NXGEN is an authorized ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank and Elavon and has several offices all around the country. The company specializes in tailored payment solutions for online and retail businesses and facilitates mobile processing, electronic payment solutions, and in-store transactions. The provider serves most e-commerce, non-profit, low-risk, wholesale, and small businesses and caters to multiple industries, including education, MOTO, SAAS, gas stations, SEO and SEM services, healthcare, restaurants, and bars.

The provider was awarded the highest volume processor in 2015, ISO of the year in 2016, and the Elavon arch award in 2017 based on the highest transaction volume. It claims to be the international leader in payment solutions. Here is a NXGEN Payment Services review pointing out its services and shortcomings to give a better idea to the merchants looking forward to signing up with the provider.

NXGEN Payment Services Features and Services

The company provides POS solutions, EMV swipers, payment gateway, and virtual terminals to most businesses and accepts all major credit and debit card brands. It offers project billing and multi-currency acceptance to its merchants. Merchant cash advances, gift and loyalty programs, shopping cart and API integration, and mobile payment apps are some of the services offered by NXGEN. The provider accommodates global sales and cross-border businesses by offering easy payment setups and e-commerce transactions in over 30 countries.

Mobile Payment Solutions

The company offers digital wallets to accommodate electronic transactions and trade digital currency units to pay for goods. This payment method is safer than traditional payments and allows customers to shop on the go, save time, and receive rewards that can be used for future purchases.

According to NXGEN Payment Services reviews, the company provides Poynt 5 smart terminal, allowing merchants to accept payments within minutes and swap payment methods according to their requirements. Customers can choose the receipt type and select their tip amount. The payment is processed by either manually entering the information, inserting or swiping the card, or can be contactless with the NFC payment option. The terminal is compatible with printers and cash drawers. NEXGEN provides the Converge mobile app, making it easier for merchants to accept payments anywhere with its user-friendly features. The company’s Ingenico reader and uDynamo are compatible with iOS and Android, allowing merchants to accept payments on their smartphones.

E-commerce Solutions

NXGEN offers shopping cart integration to provide a seamless shopping experience to customers and enables merchants to think from the buyer’s perspective by syncing their website to their browsing criteria. Each customer will view a different web page based on their liking, which will improve their experience. The company provides the Converge solution, an API compatible with most shopping carts, and efficient virtual terminals to process online payments.

The provider is partnered with multiple payment gateways, including Authorzie.Net, and Payflow Pro, to accommodate e-commerce businesses. Quantic is another effective e-commerce platform offered by NEXGEN to facilitate restaurants and other businesses to speed up the ordering process. It comes with an app, self-order kiosks, and other useful features.

NEXGEN Hardware

NXGEN Payment Services reviews indicate that the company provides a range of equipment and solutions that clients, with the help of a consultant, can thoroughly review and choose from as their business requires. The provider offers POS systems with inventory management, reporting, and features such as taking orders and automatically accepting payments. Merchants are reports of top sellers, sales trends, and a list of the most popular items.  

The provider accommodates in-person payments with its wired and wireless terminals. Merchants are provided multiple options from reliable brands such as Verifone and Ingenico, designed with advanced technology and NFC enabled. The company’s countertop, portable, and mobile terminals are compatible with multiple operating systems and let merchants decide how they want to deal with customers.

Automatic Surcharge

The provider facilitates surcharging, enabling merchants to eliminate their processing fees by charging customers a percentage on every credit card transaction. NXGEN offers an automatic surcharge feature that calculates and adds the fees to the customer’s total bill to be paid at checkout. This feature saves merchants from manually entering the fee on each transaction and ensures convenience for both parties.

NXGEN Payment Services Cost and Contract Terms

As the provider offers custom pricing plans and tailored contracts depending on the business its dealing with, it does not mention its contract details and rates on the website. However, NXGEN Payment Services reviews portray that the company offers month-to-month, one-year and three-year contracts with no early termination fee. It provides instant processing and custom pricing as its two pricing plans.

Merchants signing up for the instant processing are charged a $25 terminal fee and a 2.65% transaction fee, and merchants are offered a 30-day money-back guarantee. The provider does not charge any monthly fee in this pricing plan. In the custom pricing plan, merchants are assisted by a dedicated account manager to accommodate the transactional issues, offered variable rates, and given the option to select the e-commerce solutions and POS systems that better suit their business.

NXGEN does not provide limited information about its other fees. Reviews indicate that the company offers equipment leases through First Data Global Leasing. Even though merchants can choose to lease or rent the equipment, it is advised to purchase it as the lease is too expensive.

NXGEN Payment Services Marketing and Customer Support

The provider has reserved a phone number and a support form on its website’s contact us page for domestic customer support available during business hours. The company’s customer service is not competitive with the top-rated providers, and there is room for improvement.

NXGEN hires independent sales representatives and trains in-house sales teams to promote its services. There is evidence that the company uses deceptive advertising measures and misleading quotes to persuade the merchants.

NXGEN Payment Services Reviews and Complaints

The company has a low complaint count, and merchants have not filed any FTC reports against it. The provider has not been sued with any mentionable class action lawsuit and managed to maintain a clean record. However, the subject of the few complaints posted by the merchants is not ignorable as the provider has been accused of being a scam in those complaints.

Better Business Bureau accredited NXGEN in 2006 with an A+ rating on its profile. The formal complaints posted on the review platform suggest billing issues. There are no informal complaints cited on the BBB platform. However, it should be noted that many of the merchant complaints concerning the provider are directed toward Elavon instead of NXGEN, which explains the low complaint total.


The provider is a suitable payment processor with a decent range of hardware and services to serve most businesses, but it has some major shortcomings that can damage a company. Although the provider has maintained a low complaint rate, here is a NXGEN Payment Services review regarding its drawbacks.

Deceptive Marketing

The NXGEN sales agents have complained that the provider orders them to use aggressive sales tactics and mislead the merchants. Reviews show that the company uses false claims, signs up merchants for policies they haven’t agreed to, and binds them into new programs without their knowledge. It proves that the provider is not trustable.

Expensive Equipment Leases

The provider offers a non-cancelable, 48-month equipment lease with expensive rates. As merchants are not provided with the pricing detail beforehand, they find out that it is more expensive than the equipment after signing up for the lease. As the term is non-cancellable, merchants are forced to pay a heavy amount for a long time.

Undisclosed Information

NXGEN Payment Services reviews show that the provider does not disclose its contract terms or pricing. There is a brief overview of the type of pricing it offers, but other important details are completely hidden. Merchants have no option but to blindly trust the provider if they choose it as their payment processor, which is unbefitting for most businesses.

Poor Customer Support

Customer service is an important factor in judging any company as it is a way to know how much it prioritizes its consumers. NXGEN has only mentioned one customer service number and has failed to provide any other support option. With limited contact sources, merchants cannot reach out to the provider to address their queries and are left abandoned to deal with any arising issues.

Final Verdict

This NXGEN Payment Services review concludes that its drawbacks cannot be ignored even though the provider has maintained a good reputation. The company needs to improve in providing merchants with the necessary information and display honest quotes.

Regardless of how much a payment processor brings to the table, the fact that it trains its agent to lie to its merchants and wrongfully fool them into signing up is a big red flag. Merchants are advised to research their options and choose an honest payment processor for their business that meets their expectations.

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