Aurora Payments review

Aurora Payments Review: Fees, Rates, and Complaints

Around 2005, Aurora Payments was operating as a small merchant provider named Applied Merchant Services (AMS) based in Tempe, Arizona. Here is an authentic Aurora Payments review in 2022, based on rates and complaints.

In order to expand its base a client portfolio, the company continuously acquired small to medium-sized payment providers. They have acquired FMPS, Harmony Pay, Altiras and Chosen Payments as “an Aurora Company.”

Aurora improved its level of merchant services gradually as it acquired small and medium-sized processors. Now, it offers various payment processing services, including online and mobile credit card processing, fraud prevention, and other supportive services.

This Aurora Payments review will shed light on its features and services and the potential drawbacks businesses may face.

Aurora Payments Review Based on Features and Services

aurora features and services

The former Applied Merchant Services (AMS) offered merchants the following services and features.

Simplified Boarding

With this feature, clients can provide their basic information and payment details in one place, making it simpler and faster to get started with Aurora Payments.

Hence, they can streamline payment processing by reducing the number of steps involved. It can be a time saver for businesses needing to move quickly and get things done efficiently.

Integrations & Custom Solutions

Aurora Payments provides a wide range of integrations and custom solutions to meet the needs of merchants. It is integrated with many of the industry’s leading shopping carts, payment processors, and software platforms.

Its integrations and custom solutions are designed to work with your existing systems and processes, making it easy to accept payments and get paid fast.

Loyalty Programs

The company offers a variety of gift and loyalty card programs that can be tailored to fit your business’s needs. These programs are designed to increase customer loyalty, drive sales, and improve customer satisfaction.

Inventory Flexibility

Using Aurora’s services, payment terms can be set to require payment upfront or be more flexible to allow inventory turns. Whether you’re selling physical goods or services, its team can work with you to tailor a payment solution that fits your unique needs.

Aurora Payments Review Based on Rates

aurora payments payment services

Aurora does not publicly list its rates, but it is generally considered a competitive provider. Its fees are typically around 1-2% for most transactions, though this can vary depending on the type of transaction and the amount being sent. Merchants may get an estimate of the company’s rates by contacting them directly and asking for a quote.

According to some reviews, the company sometimes charges a flat fee for large transactions instead of a percentage-based one.

Moreover, if you have ever dealt with a major company like Fiserv or Elavon, then it’s likely that your contract rates are familiar to those from Aurora because of its partnership with them. They use variable dollar-based contracts depending on how much volume they process for each type of service and size their organization falls under – meaning there isn’t one set price across the board!

Aurora Payments Complaints and Reviews

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It’s no secret that Aurora Payments has had its share of complaints. But what do those complaints entail?

The most common complaint against Aurora Payments is that they hold customers’ money without explanation. In some cases, Aurora Payments has been known to hold onto funds for months.

Another common complaint is that Aurora Payments charges hidden fees. Many customers have complained of being charged for “account maintenance” or “customer service.”

Finally, some customers have complained that Aurora Payments is slow to process payments, which can be a major problem for businesses that need their money quickly.

If you’re considering using Aurora Payments for your business, it’s important to be aware of these potential problems.

BBB Rating

Aurora Payments is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but the organization does have a profile for the company. The BBB has given Aurora Payments a C- rating.

Consumers allege that they were promised low rates and fees but were subsequently charged much higher rates and fees. Other consumers criticize that they were misled about the terms of their contract and that the company failed to disclose important information about its services.

Aurora Payments has improved its customer service and billing processes in response to these complaints. It has developed an online portal that makes it easier for customers to cancel their services.

Despite these efforts, the BBB continues to receive complaints about the company. As a result, the organization has given the company a lower rating for failure to respond to complaints.

Lawsuits and Fines

Aurora Payments has not been involved in any major class-action lawsuits or fined by the FTC. It is likely due to their adherence to industry best practices.

However, the company has received a fine from the Federal Trade Commission. It was for $35,000 in 2015 for allegedly telemarketing to consumers who had placed their phone numbers on the national do-not-call registry. In 2016, American Express sued the company for allegedly processing millions of dollars in fraudulent charges. The company later settled the case out of court.

It is also worth noting that Aurora Payments is a registered ISO/MSP of Elavon, Inc. Elavon has been fined by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) on multiple occasions for various violations, including illegal fees charged to customers and deceptive marketing practices. While Aurora Payments is not directly liable for any of Elavon’s actions, it is something to be aware of.

Overall, Aurora Payments seems to have a clean legal history. The company has never been subject to major lawsuits or fines and has settled its case out of court.

Employee Complaints

When it comes to employee complaints, Aurora Payments is no stranger. The company has a long history of employee issues, ranging from poor working conditions to discrimination, and has received negative reviews in this domain.

Although Aurora Payments has taken steps to improve its workplace environment in recent years, the company still faces some challenges regarding employee satisfaction.

One of the most common complaints against Aurora Payments is that the company doesn’t provide its employees with adequate training. It can lead to many problems, including errors in customer orders and a general feeling of incompetence among employees.

Another common complaint against Aurora Payments is that the company doesn’t provide its employees with enough opportunities for advancement. It can be a problem for entry-level employees who feel stuck in their current positions.

A final common complaint against Aurora Payments is that the company doesn’t do enough to support its employees. It can include everything from providing adequate health insurance to offering fair wages.

Aurora Payments Review Based on What Customers Said

Aurora Payments caters to the payment solution of all industries, from retail and transportation to restaurants. But based on the reviews, merchants should consider the following drawbacks before switching to using its services.

Lack of Customer Service

Some of the most common Aurora Payments complaints revolve around the company’s customer service department. Customers have alleged that they have been unable to reach a customer service representative on time, that representatives are unprofessional and unhelpful, and that the company does not provide adequate support for its products and services.

False Advertising

Aurora Payments has been accused of false advertising on several occasions. Customers have given bad reviews reporting that the company claims to offer products or services it does not provide.

The most common grievance is that the company charges excessive fees. These fees can sometimes be as high as 10% of the total transaction amount. It is significantly higher than the industry average of around 3%.

Hard to Cancel

Some customers have said that the company does not make it easy to find the cancellation information on its website, and the process is complicated and time-consuming even when you finally find it. Some users have even reported being charged hidden fees after they thought they had canceled their account. These negative reviews have led to many customers feeling cheated and misled by the company.

Difficulty Getting Refunds

Some customers have also said they have had difficulty getting refunds from Aurora Payments. They have reported that the company is often unresponsive to refund requests and that when refunds are given, they are often for less than the customer expected.

In one case, the company had overcharged a merchant, and he contacted Aurora Payments to request a refund. The company initially agreed to process the refund but stopped responding to the customer’s requests. The customer eventually had to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau to get the money back.

Lack of Online Presence

Aurora Payments has failed to provide its customers with a noticeable online presence or account management tools. It has led to complaints from some customers who have difficulty contacting the company or managing their accounts. Hence, merchants have difficulty keeping track of their account balances, processing fees, and other important information.

Inconsistent Payment Processing Times

Some customers report that their payments are processed quickly and efficiently, while others say they have had to wait weeks or even months to receive their money. This inconsistency can be frustrating for customers, especially if they rely on timely receipt of their payments to meet their financial obligations.

Lack of Transparency Around Account Security

The company has been accused of being opaque about its account security procedures, which have resulted in customers’ money being stolen.

Clients have reported being locked out of their accounts without explanation and being unable to reach customer service for help. Users sometimes have had their funds frozen or confiscated without warning or explanation and thus have given bad reviews.

Difficult to Understand the Billing Process

Though Aurora Payments promises a simple, streamlined billing process for its merchants, many complaints have been lodged against the company, alleging that its billing is inaccurate and often results in hidden fees and other unexpected charges. Sometimes, these charges have totaled hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Thus, it can be difficult to understand what charges are being applied to your account, and it is also hard to find contact information for customer service. In some cases, customers have even had their service interrupted due to billing disputes.

Poorly Designed Interface

While Aurora Payments has a lot to offer businesses, the company’s interface is in dire need of an update, according to the reviews. The company needs to invest in a new interface design to stay competitive in the payment processing industry.

Many customers have complained about its confusing design. As a result, Aurora has consistently received bad ratings in terms of customer satisfaction.

Unexplained Account Holds

Aurora Payments is a popular payment processing company, but it seems they are not living up to its reputation. Customers have complained about account holds and freezes for months, and the company has not explained them satisfactorily.

If you’ve had your account frozen or put on hold by Aurora Payments, you’re not alone. Many users have given bad reviews for being unable to access their money or make payments without any explanation from the company.

Aurora Payments has been known to randomly put holds on accounts, sometimes for months at a time. It can be extremely frustrating for users who rely on the service to make payments or access their money.

Our Verdict After Aurora Payments Review

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Payment processors like Aurora Payments offer many advantages by helping you save time and money on processing payments and providing a wide range of features and tools to help you manage your business.

However, there are certain drawbacks not to overlook before signing up for an account with them. First, their customer support is not always the most responsive, so you may need patience when waiting for a response. Additionally, they have been known to hold funds for longer than other processors, so ensure you have enough working capital to cover any unexpected delays.

This Aurora Payments review suggests that it would be feasible to weigh the pros and cons before deciding if this is the right payment solution for your business.

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