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Sekure Merchant Solutions Review 2022

Sekure Merchant Solutions (also known as Sekure Card Services and Sekure Cost Review) is a credit card processing company that works with North American Bancard to process transactions. 

Although the company’s business personnel are described as “passionate,” this Sekure Merchant Solutions Review and analysis would provide you with an impartial assessment of the organization’s employees and profile, as well as industry knowledge.

What Does Sekure Merchant Have to Offer?

In partnership with Sekure Merchant Services, you may establish a merchant account with one of many payment processors, allowing you to take credit cards in presence at a specific address, on the move, and digitally. 

Companies from various sectors, such as retail and restaurants, gasoline and groceries, hotel, expert services, and e-commerce, have benefited from its services.

Overall Summary of Sekure Merchant Solutions 2022
Headquarters  New York
Contract  48 months
PCI Fee Undisclosed 
Online Complaints  20+
Service Support Yes 


First Data Origin, Headquarters, and Owners

Sekure Merchant Solutions, formerly known as Sekure Cost, is a payment processing firm that has been in operation since 2006 and now services more than 25,000 companies worldwide. 

Its headquarters are in Montreal, and it also has a presence in New York. It collaborates with several processors to offer payment processing solutions in-person and digitally.

Interesting News in History 

Recently, Sekure Merchant Solutions promises to be able to reconfigure your current terminal or, whenever you need more equipment, offer you a free credit card machine. A range of equipment is available via the firm, albeit no particular models are specified on their website.

Sekure Merchant Overall Services 

With Secure Merchant Solutions, you can have a single point of contact for all your online, in-store, mobile, and mail/phone order needs. You may process electronic checks and accept all major credit and debit cards with this firm. These include gift cards, reward schemes, and corporate cash advances.

  • Business Cash Advance 

A merchant cash advance, also known as an online business cash advance, is available via Sekure Merchant Solutions for those who want quick access to operating capital. 

However, there is a cost associated with using a cash advance. In most cases, they are discouraged by our staff. If you examine the statistics, you’ll find how expensive they are compared to a conventional loan.

  • Loyalty Program and Gift Cards

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in growing your business’s reach. What if you offered a discount to consumers who repurchase from you? A company called Sekure Merchant Solutions promises to personalize gift cards or loyalty programs for any size business.

  • Mail Phone Orders

Sekure Merchant Solutions may provide you with the necessary hardware or utilize your computer as a virtual terminal to accept payments. 

Confidential information may be safeguarded by using encryption and other security measures. Access to customer assistance is also available through the virtual terminal.

  • Mobile Processing 

Running a company is difficult enough without worrying about collecting unpaid bills. You may accept payments anywhere you are using mobile processing. Your smartphone or tablet may be turned into a payment device with the help of Sekure Merchant Solutions. 

Additionally, wireless terminals are available. Mobile processing is a huge benefit for individuals who make deliveries, go to fairs or trade exhibitions, or conduct services at numerous places.

  • Online Processing 

Sekure Merchant Solutions provides you with the capacity to take credit card payments through your website, as well as the ability to verify payments. 

An e-commerce business says that it can effortlessly shift your website from a prior processor to utilizing its services. Over 80 approved shopping carts are also supported.

  • In-Store Processing 

Even if you don’t have a complete point-of-sale system, you may still utilize Sekure Merchant Solutions to handle your transactions. EMV/smartcards, contactless payments, and swiped cards may be accepted if you have the right equipment. 

Customers that have more payment alternatives are more likely to buy from you. Sekure Merchant Solutions also provides fleet card processing and customized petrol pump equipment options.

How Much Does Sekure Merchant Services Cost? [Charges}

However, Sekure Merchant Solutions’ website claims it can obtain you the lowest payment processing prices, but it does not release any details about its prices, charges, or conditions. Depending on your company’s needs, tiered rates or interchange-plus pricing might be offered. 

The best way to get a cheaper rate is to directly contact the firm and let the sales staff analyze your transaction processing statement or 1099-K form.

The costs you’ll have to pay would be determined by the payment processor the firm has chosen for you. There is a monthly subscription charge and a monthly requirement. 

Setup costs of up to $99 may be charged by some of the processors Sekure works with, but you’d be eligible to have them waived. In addition, a PCI compliance charge must be paid. For between $65 and $119 yearly, some processors prorate and bill monthly rather than annually.

Is Sekure Merchant Worth It?

  • Dedicated Customer Support 

Customers of Sekure Merchant Services get access to a dedicated account manager, as well as phone, email, and live chat assistance from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST) Monday through Friday. 

While the form requests your merchant identity (MID) number to start a chat, your identity is all that’s required to get the conversation started.

  • Not Eligible for Credit Cards 

As a result, when your firm is brand new or doesn’t take credit cards yet, you shouldn’t use Secure Merchant Services as your payment processor. The company’s agreements are long and difficult to understand. When you inquire about a quotation, it isn’t as open with price information as other firms.


When it comes to Sekure Merchant Solutions, most of the negative internet reviews are aimed at the company’s salespeople, who are described as harsh and unyielding; nothing is said about the company’s services. 

This might be due to the fact that when critics learn that the transaction and processing are handled by North American Bancard rather than Sekure Merchant Solutions, they attack the company. 

The firm’s homepage and good ratings on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) both indicate that the company provides exceptional customer service and follows through on its commitments.

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