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TabbedOut Review 2024

TabbedOut is a SaaS (Software as a Solution) start up that allows clients of a business to settle their tabs via the use of a mobile phone application. TabbedOut is a payment solution designed specifically for enterprises in the hotel and club industries. It also gives merchants the flexibility to provide loyalty programmes and incentives to consumers who purchase with TabbedOut.

What Does TabbedOut Have to Offer?

TabbedOut was first introduced in 2010 and has since established collaborations with Harbortouch and Cayan to expand its usage in restaurants and pubs around the country. ATX Technologies, the design team behind Tabbed Out, also provides UNION POS, a point-of-sale system designed specifically for restaurants.

Overall Summary of TabbedOut’s Payment Processing Services
Headquarter  Austin, TX
Contract 3 years 
Service Charges  free 
PCI Fee Undisclosed
Online Complaints  100+
Service Support  Yes

TabbedOut Origin, Headquarters, and Owners

However, while TabbedOut is neither a merchant services supplier or a point of sale system, it integrates smoothly with both of these services. Users of TabbedOut are allowed to integrate it with their current point-of-sale platforms and payment card processing.

TabbedOut is being created by ATX Innovation, a firm established in Austin, Texas, with offices at 804 Congress Avenue, 5th Floor, Austin, TX 78701 as its offices. TabbedOut is headed by Alex Broeker, who is described as the company’s CEO.

Innovative History News

Oversubscribed Series B funding round for TabbedOut, a smartphone app that enables customers to see their tab and securely pay their bill at hundreds of pubs and restaurants around the country, has raised $7.75 million since it was established in 2010.

TabbedOut has recently achieved one of the top merchant retention percentages in the industry due to its dedication to continual customer service.

Services that TabbedOut Offers

TabbedOut, the unlimited digital payment app for android and iPhone that allow customers to access, view, and charge accounts with their mobiles at pubs and restaurants, nowadays announced the release of their Software Development Kit (SDK) to make it simple for multi-unit chain stores and the third-party application developers and organisations with whom they collaborate to integrate digital payment features into their mobile applications. It provides the following services:

  • Google Wallet Linking

The TabbedOut Android app has a Google Wallet payment method. TabbedOut is providing credit to app users who connect their Google Wallet accounts to the new function.

Afterward, when users use the app to pay, they may pick Google Wallet to deduct the money from their account. A one-time $7 discount is being offered by TabbedOut as an enticement to users to join up for the service.

  • Online Payments

TabbedOut has been developing its consumer and merchant strategies for quite some time. TabbedOut and JiWire teamed together in 2011 to allow participants at South by Southwest to pay their bills using their mobile devices (see story).

Afterward, PayPal joined with the firm to allow customers to pay using PayPal (see story). In the United States, TabbedOut says it is connected to the point-of-sale networks at more than 10,000 establishments. Both acceptance and engagement will be crucial for mobile payments to take off for businesses and customers.

  • POS Services

The firm has announced a relationship with Harbortouch, a provider of Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, which will enable it to expand its market share significantly. Getting TabbedOut’s target market is a long and arduous journey. Several point-of-sale (POS) systems are in use currently, and many of them are old.

TabbedOut has had to concentrate on connections to attain these clients. In recent years, it has teamed with Micros, Aloha Future, Focus, Dinnerware, and Jumpware.

How Much Does the TabbedOut Service Cost?

TabbedOut, like other payment processing platforms, does not publish the specific fees that are charged for processing payments because it is provided free of charge to customers. 

We do not impose any service fees or extra costs in connection with our service delivery. You may use the app to pay for drinks and meals in bars and restaurants, and you will be rewarded with exclusive discounts at no extra cost.

Aside from that, it isn’t easy to establish the specifics of the usual contract. However, a business blog post suggests adding TabbedOut to a Harbortouch POS system would be nominal monthly. 

Generally, it seems that the most typical cost of installing TabbedOut to an existing POS system is a set monthly license price, which may vary based on a purchaser’s payment processor of choice, POS system, and company profile.

Is Tabbed Out Worth it?

When customers wish to make a payment using the app, they may pick TabbedOut Wallet to send the money to their TabbedOut account.

  • Sign up Discount

To entice people to join up for the service, TabbedOut provides a one-time $7 discount to those who sign up.

The $7 offer will be shown when customers try to make a payment at an establishment that accepts TabbedOut and may be applied to their tab.

  • 24 /7 customer support included

If you want help, please do not hesitate to contact them. They are available on their customer chat 24/7. Other than that, you can get real-time information on sales, tabs, tables, and ticket modifications on your Control Center Tablet or Portal.

  • No complaints or negative customer reviews

TabbedOut has received overwhelmingly positive feedback in online evaluations, as we’ll see in further detail below. However, even though not all reviews have been good, the majority of businesses have reported satisfaction with the price of their products and services.

The Bottom Line

As a well-known payment procedure method, Tabbed Out has received an “A” for the time being since there are no identified merchant complaints that include cancellation fees or that define this monthly price as unfair or unreasonable.

The TabbedOut Corporation has an above-average customer satisfaction rating and is accessible to its customers via a customer care channel. On top of all that, it offers some unique features that are not accessible from other merchant service providers, such as cost-effective, zero-commission mobile ordering, and Touchless Payment, among others.

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