usaepay gateway review

USAePay Gateway Review 2024

A single payment solution with multiple payment solutions is always better than various processors with limited features. USAePay is a new payment gateway that provides a virtual terminal and POS solutions. USAePay was launched in 1998 under the umbrella company GorCorp as a family business.  

The payment gateway offers technical solutions to merchants looking for online, phone orders, mail, or in-person transactions. Integration with existing shopping carts is the most giving feature offered by USAePay. USAePay is not a complete payment solution. It only provides a gateway, and merchant accounts and services must be acquired through a third-party provider. The gateway is compatible with several merchant service providers, such as TSYS, Fiserv, Heartland, and Vantiv. If you want more in-depth information about the gateway, keep reading the USAePay Gateway review below.

Services and Features

The following is a brief review of the features of the USAePay Gateway;

A Virtual Terminal and POS Application

If your business deals with most customers who pay through mail and phone, it is mandatory for your business. Merchants can key in cardholder information or use card reading hardware to conduct card-present transactions. This ultimately adds positive points to the reviews of the gateway. 

The POS application gives merchants the freedom to conduct transactions from anywhere they want. Like a virtual terminal, all that is required is an internet connection and a smart device like an android or iOS-operated tablet. This added functionality makes mobile transactions possible, adding the option to take payments at customers’ doorsteps. 

Customer and Inventory Management

If merchants want to analyze their customers’ buying habits, they must store the purchasing data. Customer management tools record purchase history and generate reports that help record modification and better business management.

Inventory management tools keep all the records of products and group them on location, price, and type basis. With these tools, it is easy for you to review which product is in or out of stock. 

Hosted Payment Page

The security and privacy of customers should be the utmost priority of any eCommerce business. Hosted payment pages offer secure payment methods by directing the customers to the PCI compliant and secure forms. Merchants can opt for fully customized hosted payment pages to better reflect the brand’s image. This dramatically improves the overall customer experience, and businesses are more likely to get positive reviews and return customers.

Recurring Billing and Credit Card Updater

If you own a business that hosts subscriptions, don’t worry about making and sending receipts and bills every month to the customers. USAePay Gateway smoothly generates and sends receipts to the customers. Suppose a customer’s credit card expires between the subscription and your payment gets restricted. In that case, the credit card updater automatically updates new information and informs you regarding the new card’s expiry date. 

Website Integration

APIs and developer tools allow easy integration between your e-commerce website and USAePay Gateway. A developer’s reference guide and sandbox can help you with any problem with the integration. Language-specific libraries that support PHP, Java, Perl, and jQuery programming are readily available for merchants too.

Security and Fraud Management

USAePay has PCI Level 1 compliance, the highest level of PCI compliance possible, thanks to third-party security checkers. USAePay Gateway secures its transmitted information using a digital communication protocol called Transport Layer Security. Credit card information and data are secured by individually protecting it. To review the credit card numbers, they must be decrypted first. 

As fraud prevention, it makes sure to verify the customer’s address before making a payment. Moreover, it has options to block transactions based on bank identification numbers, duplicate transactions, email addresses, multiple credit card usage, Zip codes, and many more. It reviews every detail in-depth and makes sure the rightful owner makes the transaction. 


USAePay has a thorough reporting structure. The processor regularly issues a pre-made report, including transaction history, credit card reports, declined transactions, and customer reports. The gateway allows you to set up filters if you need specific details about reports. Reports of recurring billing are automatically produced when a new charge bill is processed.

Concerns about USAePay

There are not many complaints about the processor on the internet. This can be attributed to the fact that customers and merchants do not deal with the gateway directly. They acquire these services through resellers and third-party merchant account providers. But there are still some downsides to the provider. Below is a review of some of the frequent issues merchants claim to face in their reviews;

Opaque Pricing

There is no information about the pricing of the gateway services on the internet. Furthermore, any quotes the merchants get regarding the pricing are from resellers. This means that resellers can tack on any charges before passing them on to the merchant. While this doesn’t mean that no processor offers a fair price, it makes it difficult to judge whether or not the price given is justified or not. 

Outdated Technology

As USAePay is one of the oldest providers in the market, keeping up with newer and more technically adept providers has been a challenge. This is reflected even on the website of USAePay. The website interface is not intuitive and can be confusing at times compared to newer competitors. This theme seems to carry on to their offerings and services as well.

Software Malfunctions

Several merchant complaints about delayed payments, multiple charges, and account issues can be found against USAePay. These occur due to random software malfunctions. A payment gateway is purely dependent on these features to work effectively. Merchants can face immense frustration and confusion when faced with these malfunctions.


USAePay is one of the industry’s oldest and most reputed payment gateways. As mentioned in the USAePay Gateway review above, the provider has numerous solutions and features for its clients. The features discussed in the review above are attractive, but the downsides are serious.

Opaque pricing models are reminiscent of providers with an outdated approach toward their customers. The same is true about their offerings. The world is moving towards technical advancement at an astonishing pace, and providers have to keep up with that. Providers that fail to keep up with the latest changes, in turn, affect their customers. If you want the latest and most effective features in your payment gateway, it is best to look for other gateways in the market.

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