tsys multipass review

TSYS MultiPASS Review 2024

TSYS MultiPASS is the proprietary gateway to the popular merchant service provider TSYS Merchant Solutions. The MultiPASS gateway has opened new avenues for merchants. Let’s dig a little deeper into a TSYS MultiPASS review to understand the pros and cons of the provider thoroughly. 

TSYS MultiPASS is a robust API, allowing businesses to save themselves the trouble of looking into multiple options for integrating payments. This intermediary software facilitates the users to integrate their payment with various systems like existing POS systems or online shopping carts.

Features of MultiPass

TSYS MulitPASS is designed to make the payment process seamless for merchants and customers. The users can accept different modes of payment like credit cards and PIN-based debit cards. Merchants get brand-matching hosted payment pages, among several essential features integral for the survival of a business. Below is a review of their notable features;

Multi-Currency Support

TSYS gateway lets you pay in a foreign currency without involving any intricate procedures. Hence, taking the international customers into its fold through its multi-currency support feature. This is becoming increasingly important as the world is promoting global trade. Having customers overseas can be a significant upside to the growth of a business.

Hosted Checkout Page

If you want to add a personalized touch to your websites, TSYS MultiPASS has a fully hosted solution that offers customizable options. Hosted payment pages are designed to blend directly into eCommerce websites. A button appears on the eCommerce website that redirects customers to a secure payment page of TSYS MultiPASS. The payment information is entered in a form, and the payment is authorized.

This makes the payment process seamless and easy for both the merchant and the customer. The servers of TSYS directly receive the payment information of the cardholders through a hosted checkout page without interrupting your shopping experience.

Security Features

The majority of people have concerns about data theft when dealing with online payments. Therefore, with MultiPASS, cardholder data is not stored locally. There is no risk of data breaches and information theft at the merchant’s end. The following security features add weight to its credibility.

  • Fully PCI complaint
  • Payment pages are hosted through a secure server. (PCI-DSS)
  • 3DES encryption.
  • Tokenization.

These features stand true for card-present and card-not-present transactions, giving adequate security to cardholders and merchants. Merchants can vouch for protection against data theft by facilitating the customers with customized risk preferences.

Payment and Billing Options

Say goodbye to intricate payment and billing options. TSYS MultiPASS has easy billing and payment methods for its customers. Hosted checkouts let the customers enter information at the time of purchase. In the case of recurring billing options, a pre-set schedule is also made available for customers. However, it does not support the electronic invoicing feature.

Real-time Reporting

The Merchant Centre interface is available on the internet and facilitates merchants to review their data transmitted through TSYS. From generating custom reports to managing customer information, the Merchant Centre is the doorway for merchants to access information related to their business in no time. Based on this feature of providing real-time reports, merchants can set the future trajectory of their businesses.

Fraud Prevention

TSYS has comprehensive fraud prevention. The fraud prevention system automatically suspends funds that have the potential to be fraudulent until the team investigates them.

In case of suspicious activity, the experienced Back Office Support is there to curb such a mechanism. The highly-trained staff identifies, assesses, and reviews the problem by advanced analytical reporting. It remains vigilant and keeps a keen eye on the transaction data by continuous monitoring.

Disadvantages and Drawbacks

All the services and offerings of TSYS MultiPASS have been discussed above; now, it’s time to review their drawbacks. Here are some of the common pain points of the provider;

Electronic Invoicing

The lack of support for electronic invoicing is very prevalent in the payment gateway industry, and TSYS is no different. It is rare to find processors with this beneficial feature. The lack of e-invoicing support means that merchants cannot avail better security features and lesser transaction fees. The customers are deprived of details about their purchases and easy record keeping. E-invoicing creates ease of payment for the customers, and its lack can result in negative reviews.

Fraudulent Fees

Several customer complaints claim that TSYS is not fair in its fee structure. Merchant reviews declare that they charge unjustified and scam fees up to $100. They are also known to include several hidden charges that have not been previously disclosed at the time of agreement. Some examples of such hidden fees are benchmarking and analysis fees.

Terrible Customer Service

Customer support has a reputation for keeping merchants on very long hold times. Some reviews even claim that they have been on hold for around an hour before they gave up and put their phone down. Other reviews claim that even if they pick up the phone, they find a way to blame the merchant or say that they will refer the matter to an ‘expert’ and never call back. 

Is TSYS Worth It?

With robust security features and support for multiple currencies and overseas transactions, TSYS is one of the most desirable payment gateways. The features described in this TSYS MultiPASS review portray the gateway as a good option for your business. However, it is the drawbacks that are the real deciding factor.

Unfairness in fees is something that any merchant should move away from at the first hint. It would still have been another case if the provider had handled client grievances effectively. But the client feedback about the customer service paints a bleak picture. Considering the downsides of the provider, it is not recommended for your business.

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