Veritrans Merchant Services Review

Veritrans Merchant Services Review, Rates, and Complaints

Veritrans Merchant Services, headquartered in Houston, Texas, is a merchant account provider established in 2001, providing online, mobile, and in-store payment solutions to most businesses. The company is an authorized ISO/MSP of PNC Bank and Wells Fargo Bank and uses the expertise of Authorize.Net to provide an efficient payment gateway to e-commerce businesses.

The company provides payment processing solutions to B2B, retail, e-commerce, wholesale, MOTO, and subscription-based businesses. It competently serves multiple industries, such as restaurants, gas stations, automotive, contractors, moving companies, SAAS, beauty and wellness, hunting and outdoor equipment, healthcare, and the telemedicine industry. Our experts have analyzed the company and come up with a comprehensive Veritrans Merchant Services review that will be beneficial for all industries it serves.

Veritrans processes all major credit card brands and offers extensive equipment and services to help merchants grow their businesses. Its mobile payment apps and integration feature enable merchants to offer a better purchase experience to their customers. The company provides effective security tools to keep businesses secure and reliable, enabling merchants to avoid future risks. Here is a Veritrans Merchant Services review listing its strengths and shortcomings to help merchants decide if it is a wise choice for their company.

Veritrans Merchant Services Products and Services

The provider offers a comprehensive list of services to accommodate credit card payments and takes pride in facilitating ACH, e-check, and cash transactions. Veritrans supports contactless NFC, accepts EBT, and simplifies EMV processing. Virtual terminals, POS systems, mobile card readers, and credit card terminals are some of the equipment offered by the company. Customers can benefit from the company’s multiple billing and invoicing options and get rewarded with Veritrans gift and loyalty programs.

E-commerce Solutions

Establishing an online platform to sell your products is a great way to increase sales and generate revenue, as many customers prefer to buy things from the comfort of their homes. However, online transactions come with additional risks and requirements. Veritrans provides some of the best payment gateways to carry out e-commerce transactions.  

Merchants can download their transaction data and send it to their accountants in spreadsheets very easily. The provider allows users to control inventory, manage employees, and keep track of their sales. Moreover, these payment gateways support mobile card readers that can be attached to the merchant’s device and accept payments anywhere. The company provides PCI-compliant virtual terminals allowing encrypted transactions to ensure customers’ data is secure. Merchants are offered automatic recurring billing, text marketing, and Quickbooks integrations to ensure hassle-free online payment processing.

POS Systems

The Veritrans Merchant Services reviews cited online indicate that the company provides POS systems through renowned companies, Linga and Clover. Merchants are assisted by a consultant who thoroughly reviews all aspects of your company and determines what POS system works best for your business. The provider understands your requirements and recommends a system with the required features at an affordable cost.

Merchants can access detailed reports anytime on desktops, get automated inventory tracking, and complete transactions offline with Linga POS systems. This POS offers a customer dashboard, enabling merchants to know their customer’s engagements and decide how they can get a better shopping experience. They can manage and adjust loyalty programs for multiple branches and set rewards for each client.

The Clover Station POS systems, with preloaded software and easy to setup hardware, provide customization and cloud-based features allowing merchants to make real-time changes from their devices. Clover Flex, Clover Mini, and Clover Go are some of the most used equipment offered by the provider, with user-friendly features perfectly compatible with small and mid-sized businesses.

Credit Card Processing

In addition to online processing solutions, Veritrans also facilitates mobile, over-the-phone, and wireless credit card processing for customers who prefer these payment methods.

  • Phone credit card proccing is a practical alternative for MOTO businesses and can save you some trouble when there is no power or internet. 
  • Merchants can convert their smartphone, iPad, or laptop into a mobile credit card processing terminal with an EMV chip card reader. They can send email receipts, access transaction data, and track sales on their devices.
  • Veritrans portable wireless terminals are Wi-Fi-enabled, allowing merchants to process credit card transactions anywhere. These terminals are especially useful when merchants take their business to multiple events with different venues.

Gift and Loyalty Cards

Loyalty programs and gift cards are a way for businesses to increase their sales and bond with their customers by offering reward points and discounts based on their purchases. Veritrans Merchant Services reviews portray that the company provides a range of loyalty programs depending on a business’s needs.

Merchants promote impulse purchasing and brand awareness to form a community and design employee incentives to motivate a positive workplace environment. Customers are offered seamless checkout and reward points that can benefit future purchases. Merchants can use the same program for various locations or design separate loyalty programs and issue customized gift cards at each branch with their company branding.

Veritrans Merchant Services Cost and Contract Terms

Various Veritrans Merchant Services reviews show that the company provides variable contract terms depending on the business type, the agent setting up the merchant account, the processing history of the company, and the virtual terminal used for processing card transactions.

There is inadequate information mentioned about the company’s rates on its website. Businesses using Authorize.Net for online payment processing are charged a virtual terminal rate of 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction. Merchants are provided with a tiered pricing plan, pay a $25 monthly gateway fee and a $0.10 batch fee, and are assumably offered a per-transaction rate of 1.00% to 4.99% for swiped and keyed-in payments. Veritrans does not disclose any other information regarding its pricing or contract terms.

Veritrans Merchant Services Customer Support

Veritrans Merchant Services reviews indicate that the provider outsources customer service to a third-party processor. The company has reserved a toll-free customer support number available during business hours and a general phone number for merchants to reach out to. Merchants are provided with an email address to address their queries and concerns.

Veritrans Merchant Services Sales and Advertisement

The provider offers minimal information about its marketing methods. It must be clarified if it uses an in-house sales team or hires independent resellers to promote its services. The company claims to provide honest quotes to its merchants and promises not to use deceptive tactics to lure businesses. However, there is no evidence to support or deny this claim.

Veritrans Merchant Services Reviews and Complaints

The provider has maintained a low complaint record, and no FTC reports or mentionable class-action lawsuits were filed against it. The merchants have posted zero public complaints on consumer review sites, which is alarmingly impressive. Possibly, merchants are directing their complaints to the partner companies or third-party processors the company is using to outsource its payment gateway and support services.

Better Business Bureau has not yet accredited the provider, and zero informal complaints are posted against it on the BBB platform. Even though the zero negative reviews result in the company’s A+ rating, there is no genuine reason to rely on this rating.


The provider is an excellent payment processor for most small to medium-sized businesses offering convenient solutions and efficient equipment to help expand your business. However, enlightened by various Veritrans Merchant Services reviews, here are a few drawbacks that merchants should steer clear of while choosing a service provider;

Undisclosed Information

Veritrans fails to provide the reliability of disclosed information and transparent pricing for merchants. There are no contract terms on the website, and consumers are deprived of the necessary details to determine if the provider is suitable for their business. The company does not disclose its equipment lease terms, and its rates are a mystery.

Variable Contract Terms

Instead of giving an overview of its contract, the provider mentions that it offers variable agreements. Although varying contract terms mean that a business will pay for the services it signs up for, it also gives the provider the leverage to change the terms when it sees fit, as they are not fixed. In several instances, a provider forces merchants to comply with unreasonable conditions, justifying the additional pricing with illogical statements.

Poor Customer Support

Varitrans provides a below-average customer support service that is not competitive with even the average-rated payment processors. The general support line is only available during business hours, and the 24/7 active email support is not enough for merchants to solve their issues because a company as large as the provider receives numerous emails that are mostly ignored. Moreover, the provider outsources its customer support and has limited control over its day-to-day proceedings.

Final Verdict

Deduced by this Veritrans Merchant Services review, merchants should construct the opinion that the provider is a better fit for particular business types and can be too expensive for most small to medium-scale companies. Its contract terms can prove unreasonable for merchants and can only be fruitful under specific conditions. Undisclosed information and zero complaints can mean that the provider is taking unacceptable measures to misdirect the complaints towards the partner companies and may be hiding something.

The provider’s non-existent customer service and unnecessary secrecy prove that it is not a reliable payment processor. Before signing up with Veritrans, merchants are advised to hire a third-party audit to detect hidden charges, negotiate the pricing, and ask questions to eliminate confusion regarding the company’s services and contract terms. Better yet, they should look for a service provider that offers thorough guidance and aims to meet their expectations.

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