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Yapstone Data Review, Rates, and Complaints

YapStone is a payment processing company founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Walnut Creek, California. Its products and services include credit card processing, ACH/EFT, invoicing, and global payments.

Formerly known as “Paymerica,” the company enables property managers to collect and manage tenant rent payments. They have continued to innovate in the payment processing space, partnering with Sezzle in 2022 to add buy-now, pay-later options to its offerings. This move allows it to provide even more flexible and convenient payment solutions to its clients and customers.

The company offers a variety of other features, such as online payments, automatic late payment reminders, and more. By its features, YapStone is a trusted partner for businesses looking for a reliable and affordable payment processing solution. However, one should not overlook some of its loopholes that are a cause of concern in its efficacy.

The following YapStone review will shed light on its benefits and potential drawbacks for merchants.

YapStone Features and Services 

YapStone caters to various needs of its clients and offers an expansive range of services, some of which are included in the following review.

Property Management

YapStone’s payment processing platform enables property managers to collect rent, manage security deposits, and process other payments from tenants. It also offers a suite of property management solutions, including a mobile app for tenants that helps property managers collect rent, manage maintenance requests, and track lease renewals.

Supports Different Currencies

As an international payment processor, YapStone Payment Processing supports a variety of currencies. You can choose to receive payments in US dollars, Euros, British pounds, Canadian dollars, or Australian dollars. It also supports multiple language options, so you can choose to display your payment page in English, French, German, Spanish, or Portuguese.

Real-time Payout 

YapStone offers a real-time payout to merchants who use its service. It means that merchants can receive their payments immediately after they make a sale instead of waiting for the funds to be deposited into their accounts at the end of the day.

E-commerce Solutions 

YapStone, Inc. provides a comprehensive suite of e-commerce solutions that helps businesses streamline their payment processing and improve their bottom line. The solutions are designed to work with all major shopping carts and e-commerce platforms so you can get started quickly and easily. 

Reporting and Analytics 

Its reporting and analytics tools give you visibility into your payment data to see how your business performs. You can track your payments, see which products and services are selling well, and identify any trends in your business. Hence, you can make informed decisions with YapStone about your payment processing and understand your customers’ needs.


YapStone’s fee schedule is designed to provide different rates for each type of supported payment channel. For example, online and automatic payments for credit and debit cards are charged $9.95. This fee includes the cost of processing the transaction and the YapStone gateway fee. There is also a per-transaction fee for manual payments, which is $0.30. In addition to these rates, it charges a monthly service fee of $5.00. 

Also, when you sign up for YapStone, you’ll be charged a processing fee of $14.95. It is in addition to other fees, such as merchant account fees or gateway fees. At the same time, ACH/eCheck payments are assessed the same as online and phone fees but only $2.00 for automated payments.

Not to forget that YapStone charges a service fee for processing payments generally passed on to the homeowner, renter, or traveler. 

YapStone Complaints and Reviews

As per reviews, YapStone has a good reputation in the industry. But like any company, it has had its share of complaints. Some of the most common complaints against it include issues with customer service, account suspension, and high fees.

Customer service is a common issue with YapStone. Many users have complained about difficulty reaching customer service representatives and unhelpful staff. 

Account suspension is another domain that has seen a negative trajectory of reviews. YapStone has been known to suspend accounts without warning or explanation. Businesses that rely on its services for payment processing can be a significant problem.

Hence, if you are considering using YapStone, research the company thoroughly to ensure it is a good fit for your business.

BBB Rating 

YapStone is a payment processing company that specializes in merchant services. With the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the company has an A+ rating and had 37 complaints filed against it in the past three years. The complaints primarily relate to billing and collection issues. 

Lawsuits and Fines

The company has been embroiled in several lawsuits and fined by regulators for its business practices.

In 2015, the Federal Trade Commission sued YapStone for allegedly deceiving consumers about the fees it charged for its payment processing services. The FTC alleged that YapStone tricked consumers into signing up for its services by promising them “low” or “no” fees when in reality, the company charged hidden fees that could eat into their profits.

Moreover, a lawsuit was filed in 2020 by a group of former employees claiming YapStone owed unpaid wages. The provider settled the case in 2021, but its former employees filed a second class-action suit against the company in 2022 over missing payments.

Employee Complaints

YapStone, a popular payment processing company, has come under fire from employees who have accused the company of unfair treatment and inadequate pay.

In a series of online reviews, employees have detailed their experiences working for YapStone, including long hours, low pay, and a lack of benefits. One employee even accused the company of “stealing” tips from workers.

The payment processing company has responded to the accusations, saying they are “committed to providing a positive working environment for all employees.” 

Despite various assurances, it seems clear that many employees are not happy with the company’s practices. If YapStone wants to keep its workers happy, it must make some changes.

Negative YapStone Reviews

Despite its extensive features, the merchants and renters need to be aware of the following drawbacks in YapStone that have been the reason behind the absence of its positive reviews.

Inadequate Customer Service

YapStone Payment Processing has been the subject of multiple complaints alleging inadequate customer service. Customers have complained about long waiting times to speak with a customer service representative, being placed on hold for extended periods, and being unable to reach a live person when they call customer service. 

In addition, customers have reported that when they finally reach a customer service representative, the representative is often unhelpful and unable to resolve their issue.

These complaints echo what other customers have said about YapStone Payment Processing in online reviews.

Unclear Pricing Structure

YapStone’s pricing structure has been criticized as being unclear and confusing. Some users have reviewed that they were unaware of certain fees, or they turned out to be higher than expected.

In particular, customers have complained about the company’s use of a “variable pricing” model, which means that fees can fluctuate based on the amount of money being processed. It can make it difficult for businesses to budget their payment processing costs.

Problems With Account Setup

Complaints about YapStone abound online, with many users reporting difficulties setting up their accounts and getting started with the payment processing service. In particular, some users have reported that they could not provide the necessary documentation to verify their identity, leading to delays in setting up their accounts. 

Technical Difficulties

There have been reports of technical difficulties with YapStone Payment Processing. Clients have reported being unable to log in or that their payment processing is not working correctly. Some customers have reported technical difficulties, such as problems with the website or mobile app.

Declined Transactions

YapStone is a payment processor used by many landlords and property management companies. However, some renters have been reporting issues with their transactions being declined. It is not a good feeling when your rent is due, and you try to pay online only to find out that your transaction has been declined.

Holds on Funds

YapStone is a popular payment solution for many rental companies, but it seems that the company is not without its problems. Renters who have used YapStone have complained about the company holding onto their funds for extended periods. Some merchants say they have had to wait weeks or even months to receive their money, which has caused them financial hardship.

It can be a significant drawback for businesses that rely on timely payments to keep their operations running smoothly. In some cases, YapStone has even been known to close accounts without notice or explanation, leaving businesses in the lurch.

Slow Payment Processing

If you’re waiting on a payment from YapStone, you may be waiting a while. The company has been known to have slow payment processing times, often taking weeks or months to issue payments. It can be nerve-wracking for businesses that rely on timely payments to keep their operations running smoothly.

Poor Communication

YapStone has been criticized for its poor communication with users. Some clients have complained that the company does not provide adequate updates or notifications about account activity or changes. Others have said that customer service is unresponsive and difficult to reach. As a result, many users are unaware of problems or issues with their accounts until they occur.

This lack of communication can cause significant inconvenience to users. In some cases, it may even lead to financial losses. 

Contesting Chargebacks

YapStone’s payment solution has a difficult time contesting chargeback. The company uses a third-party processor, making it hard to get in touch with the right people to resolve issues. YapStone doesn’t have a direct customer service line, making it even more challenging to get help when needed.

If you consider using YapStone as your payment solution, be aware that chargebacks may be difficult to contest.

Inconvenient Payment Methods

YapStone is a popular payment solution that offers a convenient way to pay for online purchases. However, some users have given negative reviews regarding its service, specifically its inconvenient payment methods. They have found YapStone’s payment methods inconvenient, such as using ACH transfers instead of credit cards.

Fraudulent Payments

The company has been accused of knowingly processing payments for scammers and fraudsters and failing to take adequate measures to prevent such activities. Victims of scams and frauds have reportedly lost thousands of dollars after YapStone processed their payments.


This YapStone review has explained that if you’re a renter, you know how important it is to have a reliable and affordable payment solution. That’s why YapStone offers a variety of options for making rent payments, including online, by phone, and even in person at our convenient locations.

However, there have been some complaints lodged against YapStone. Some users have reported issues with account setup, saying that the process is complicated and time-consuming. Others have had problems with customer service, claiming that representatives are unresponsive and difficult to contact. There have also been reports of unexpected fees.

You must be aware of these potential issues if you’re considering using YapStone for your payment processing needs. Weigh the pros and cons carefully before making a decision.

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