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Nochex Review, Rates, and Complaints

Nochex is a payment processing solution created for the e-commerce industry. It is built for online sellers of all sizes, from sole traders to large-scale enterprises. The company offers a range of payment solutions, from card payments to direct payments into customer bank accounts. It’s also available for web and mobile, so customers can pay wherever they are.

The downside is that it is not as widely accepted as other payment solutions. Merchants who don’t want to be limited in payment solutions may look elsewhere.

This Nochex review will examine what it offers merchants and whether it fits your business.

Services and Features

The Nochex service provides payment processing through a wide range of methods.

Payment Gateways

Nochex is known for its wide range of payment gateways, allowing customers to pay using various methods, including debit cards, credit cards and bank transfers. However, Nochex also charges a fee for each payment received and a percentage of the total transaction amount, making it expensive for businesses to process payments through the platform.

Invoicing and Subscriptions

The company offers an invoicing service, and customers can set up recurring subscription payments. However, the subscription feature is limited and does not allow businesses to customize their setup or control any aspect of the process. Hence, businesses may find it difficult to manage their regular payments.

MPOS Payments

Nochex also provides an MPOS (Mobile Point of Sale) service, allowing businesses to accept payments on the go. The payment process is fast and secure; customers can use debit or credit cards. However, this service is only available in the UK, limiting its availability for businesses outside this region.

Telephone Payments (MOTO)

Nochex offers a telephone payment (MOTO) service for businesses requiring more flexibility. It allows customers to make payments over the phone, providing businesses a more streamlined and secure way to process payments. However, customers may find it inconvenient to have to call to make a payment.

BBB Rating

The company does not maintain a profile with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and it does not have a rating from BBB. Nochex is an alternative payment platform, and many payment companies do not maintain a profile with the BBB.

Nochex also does not have many customer reviews on the platform, so it isn’t easy to find out more about their services. However, some negative reviews on the website highlight customer service and technical support issues.

Lawsuits and Fines

No lawsuits have been found against Nochex. However, they have been fined by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). However, certain customers have claimed to have had their funds frozen, and most concerningly, some customers’ accounts have been closed without any notification or explanation.

While Nochex does not appear to have any major lawsuits or fines against it, the FCA has found that the company failed to implement proper customer due diligence and money laundering checks. Merchants must remember that Nochex is regulated by the FCA and must abide by all its rules and regulations.


The following problems have been found in the company’s rates when reviewed.

Three Distinct Rates

Nochex offers three different rates for its services, i.e., the invoice, charity donation, and telephone payment. However, the downside is that these rates are relatively high compared to other payment processing services. For example, the charity donation rate is 1.9% plus 0.10£ for each transaction, which is higher than other services. These rates can be quite expensive for merchants like small businesses with limited budgets for processing fees.

Virtual Terminal Pricing

The pricing is not disclosed for virtual terminal payments. It means merchants have to contact Nochex directly to determine the pricing structure. It is a downside because comparing it with different payment processing services can be difficult. However, it adds another layer of complexity when merchants try to figure out the best payment processing option for their business.

Employee Complaints

Employees at Nochex have reported a range of negative experiences while working here. Common complaints include poor communication with upper management and a heavy workload. As well as these issues, employees have limited recognition for good work and a lack of appreciation from colleagues. These factors are major influences on employee satisfaction and can seriously affect morale.

Sales and Marketing

Nochex is an online payment service provider, but it is unsuitable for businesses relying heavily on sales and marketing. Nochex does not offer marketing support, such as tracking and reporting, or promotional tools like discounts and coupons. Additionally, no comprehensive customer support services are available to help businesses facilitate sales.

Moreover, though Nochex offers a “Merchant Panel,” which provides an overview of sales performance, it is not very user-friendly. It does not provide in-depth insights into customer behavior or marketing strategies. It can make it difficult for businesses to effectively evaluate and manage their online sales.


Merchants need to remember the following points before using the services of Nochex.


Nochex has been known to hold funds from customers as they go through their review process. It can be a major inconvenience and put merchants in a difficult situation if they expect the money to come through. The review process can be lengthy, and merchants cannot know how long their funds will be held. It can lead to cashflow issues, as merchants may not have the money available when needed.

Unauthorized Account Withdrawals

Customers have also reported issues with Nochex taking unauthorized account withdrawals from their accounts. It concerns as customers should never worry about their funds being taken away without their permission. It can harm merchants and customers, leading to major financial losses for both parties. Merchants must be aware of suspicious activity with their accounts and immediately take appropriate action.

Difficulty in Integration

Another issue customers have experienced difficulty in integrating Nochex with their existing checkout process. It can be a major hassle and cause frustration for customers as they try to set up their checkout process correctly. The difficulty in integration can also lead to problems, as customers may be unable to access the features and tools they need to make their checkout process successful.

Problems in Using Different Products

Customers have also reported problems in using different products with Nochex. It can be a major issue as they may be unable to access the features they need to make their checkout process successful. It can lead to major problems, as customers may need different products to properly use Nochex.

Slow Processing Times

Nochex has been known to have slow processing times, which can cause trouble for customers. It can lead to delays in payments and cause frustration for merchants as they wait for their money to come through. Customers may need to wait longer than anticipated for their payments to be processed, which can be a major inconvenience.

Errors in Invoice Payments

Customers have encountered errors in invoice payments when using Nochex. It can be an issue as customers may be unable to access the features they need to make their checkout process successful. It can also lead to major problems down the line, as customers may not be able to receive the money they are expecting. It can be a major source of frustration for merchants, leading to cashflow issues and payment delays.

Trouble in Competition Payments

Customers have also faced issues when processing competitive payments with Nochex. It can be a major hassle for customers, as they may be unable to access the features they need to make their checkout process successful. It can lead to major problems, as customers may be unable to access their money quickly. It can lead to cashflow issues and delays in payments, as customers may need to wait for their competitive payments to be processed before they can access their funds.

Transaction Limits

Nochex limits the amount of money processed through a single transaction. These limits are in place to protect their customers but can be inconvenient for businesses that need to process larger transactions. 

The limits vary based on a customer’s history, so keeping track of your payments and contacting Nochex for an increase if needed is important. Additionally, the fees charged by Nochex can be more expensive than other payment processors, so it is important to factor that into your budget when considering which payment processor to use.

Account Closure Charge

The review of Nochex suggests that they may charge a £500 account closure fee if you decide to close your account. It could be a major downside for customers not seeking a long-term payment solution. Additionally, this fee is non-refundable even if you decide to close your account shortly after opening it. It could be a significant financial burden on smaller businesses that have not yet established themselves and are just testing out the service.


This Nochex review suggests that it is a great payment processing solution for businesses of any size. Its features and competitive rates make it one of the most cost-effective options. But, the downside is that it can be difficult to set up, and a few reports of customers having difficulty getting their money back when needed. Additionally, Nochex may not be the best option for businesses that require more sophisticated features, as they are limited in their range of products. Ultimately, it is up to the business owner to decide if Nochex is the right choice for their needs.

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