Frontline Processing Review

Frontline Processing Review, Rates, and Complaints

Headquartered in Bozeman, Montana, and maintaining an office in Henderson, Nevada, Frontline Processing is a merchant account provider established in 1997. The provider is a verified ISO/MSP of Deutsche Bank and Wells Fargo Bank and resells the contracts and POS solutions of Global Payments and Fiserv. It deals with many MOTO, B2B, Mom & Pop, and small businesses. 

The company also goes by the business name ‘Payment Portal’ and serves mobile, online, and storefront businesses. It caters to various industries, including healthcare, restaurants, SAAS, thrift stores, retail, gas stations, electronics, and personal services. It accommodates EBT, ACH, and e-check processing and provides a wide range of valuable services to facilitate in-person, online, and contactless payments. 

The provider accepts all major credit and debit card brands and claims to fulfill the merchant account needs of a vast clientele. It does not have a working website or any other information online. However, there is an upcoming website that is under construction. It may help consumers gain insight into the company’s services in the foreseeable future. Here is a detailed Frontline Processing review for merchants to determine if in they should choose the company as their payment facilitator;

Frontline Processing Fees and Contract Details

The company binds merchants into a long-term contract and claims to charge a $50 early termination fee. However, reviews portray that the ETF starts from $250 and can go higher. An average Frontline Processing agreement through Fiserv costs $4.95 PCI compliance, $19.95 PCI non-compliance, $25 monthly minimum, $4.95 monthly regulatory, and $10 statement fee. 

Merchants can choose between a tiered and an interchange plus pricing model with an average rate of 1.00% to 4.99% for swiped and keyed-in transactions. They are charged an after-hours customer support fee of $5.00 per incident. 

For online payment processing, the provider offers a basic and a pro plan through Payeezy. Merchants pay 2.90% plus $0.30 for the basic plan and 1.89% plus $0.23 for the pro plan. Moreover, they are charged a $19.95 monthly fee. Consumers are not obligated to a gateway, statement, or setup fee. 

Customer Support and Sales Practices

The provider has reserved a phone support line for merchants to address their queries and complaints but fails to offer any other means of customer service. There is no available email address, and consumers have complained about their calls being ignored.

Even though the provider used to hire outside sales agents, it only relies on telemarketing and referral partnerships and trains an in-house sales team to promote its products. Multiple Frontline Processing reviews indicate aggressive sales tactics and misguidance by the company.

Frontline Processing Products and Features

The company promises to provide specialist programs personalized to a business’s requirements. It offers check conversion and check guarantee services, efficient POS systems, wireless terminal solutions, and gift card programs. Merchants can avail of its cash advance services and fraud prevention tools. The company highly believes in its merchant protection policies and ensures a secure shopping experience for clients and their customers. Here is an overview of the services offered by the provider;

POS System

Consumers can choose between the HioPOS Plus or Clover Station to enjoy a full-fledged user-friendly POS system at their outlets. The PCI-compliant equipment is easy to set up and has advanced reporting tools. Merchants can control their inventory and review the transactions automatically downloaded to their computers. 

Retail and hospitality businesses can benefit from the all-in-one HioPOS Plus. It has all the features designed to make it easier to manage day-to-day transactions. The company provides all the necessary supplies for the hardware. 

Data Breach Protection

Frontline Payments facilitates regular security scans to detect issues and notify in case of a potential scam or if the software is hacked. Users are timely warned about possible data breaches to help secure sensitive information. With the provider’s merchant protection policies, consumers can access tools to ensure PCI compliance and are assisted in covering various expenses, including audits and fines after a data breach. 

Credit and Debit Card Payment Processing 

The company provides EMV chip card-enabled and free PIN terminals with lower transaction rates. The PIN-enabled terminals do not require a signature, helping businesses avoid fraud. Consumers have the facility to use their telephone as a card processing terminal to accept payments anytime when they do not have access to an internet connection. 

Merchants can control their business on the go with the company’s wireless and mobile payment solutions. The provider offers a user-friendly app with a card reader compatible with Android, Apple, and Windows. Furthermore, the provider’s wireless terminals only require an active network and GPRS technology to receive payments. On the other hand, users can integrate their website or app into Frontline Processing’s payment gateway to accept online payments anywhere. 

Loyalty and Gift Cards

According to the Frontline Processing reviews, the company offers convenient programs to help businesses gain more revenue in a short time. Merchants can customize the gift cards to match their company’s identity and enhance their sales by offering loyalty cards and rewards after a certain number of purchases. Consequently, customers are encouraged to shop at the particular brand. They can also give away their gift cards to their friends or relatives, attracting new customers. 

Shoppers can also sell the cards or get a special discount for future purchases. Loyalty programs are a great way to create long-lasting relationships with customers and keep them loyal to the brand. 

Frontline Processing Reviews and Complaints

Even though the company has maintained a low complaint volume, it has received some alarming complaints in the past few years. Merchants on several consumer protection websites have posted that the provider has terminated their account without prior notice. They have accused the company of charging a high ETF and forcing a liquidated damages fee.

Lawsuits and BBB Report

A lawsuit was filed against the company in 2015 by the CFPB for supporting fraudulent activities. The plaintiff accused four service providers, including Frontline Processing, of facilitating transactions for multiple debt collection companies. Many consumers were threatened to pay the debts they did not owe. 

After being accredited by the Better Business Bureau in 2005, the provider was rated A+ on its profile. According to the five informal and one formal Frontline Processing reviews on the consumer protection website, merchants are frustrated about the hidden charges, unexpected fees, and billing and collection issues. 

Frontline Processing Drawbacks

The provider lacks good customer service and disregards clients’ complaints. It charges merchants ridiculously high termination fees, wrongfully forces them to pay a hefty amount to get their reserved funds released, and does not disclose important information. Moreover, the company is accused of being involved in scams countless times. Here are the most common complaints against Frontline;

Poor Consumer Service

The company does not have a web presence, so there is no live chat option for quick assistance. Merchants are not offered an FAQ page or email address to address their queries. The only phone support line reserved for consumers is always unreachable. There are multiple complaints about non-responsive customer service and issues either being ignored or unresolved on the provider’s end. 

Undisclosed Information

According to Frontline Processing reviews, the company conceals most of the necessary information and does not provide an official website for merchants to gain insight into its services. Merchants cannot determine if they can rely on the company since all they know about it from online reviews that are not enough in numbers. 

Not maintaining a web presence can mean the company is out of business, but new merchants cannot know anything. Concealed information confuses potential clients and displeases existing ones. 

High ETF

The company claims to charge a $50 ETF, but complaints show otherwise. Merchants have stated that they are demanded a cancelation fee as high as $250. In one of the complaints, the provider was accused of forcing a $19,000 ETF. Unreasonably high ETF is a tactic used by many service providers to keep their clients even after failing to facilitate adequate services.

Hidden and Unexpected Fees

Many online Frontline Processing reviews revolve around hidden fees and unexpected charges before or after account cancellation. Consumers have reported about amount withdrawal from their accounts months after their accounts were canceled. Merchants say that upon requesting to look into the matter, the company either makes false promises to shoo them away or ignores their calls. 

Other complaints include merchants being charged a hefty amount after their account is canceled without warning, higher ETF than discussed, and the sales team not disclosing accurate information and causing consumers unexpected fees.

Final Verdict

As concluded from this Frontline Processing review, the company is not a competitive payment facilitator with the top-ranked service providers. It does not offer affordable rates and charges higher than what it provides. Merchants are unsatisfied with the non-existent consumer support and frustrated over being misguided by the sales team. Even though the company has a range of suitable hardware and services, it fails to maintain them.

Merchants are better off with a payment processing company that goes all in to maintain its clients and makes the necessary effort to satisfy them. They are advised to look for a merchant service provider they can trust and afford. The one that prioritizes their needs and does not worry them with unexpected fees.

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