Moolah Review

Moolah Review, Rates, and Complaints

Located in Capistrano Beach, California, Moolah is a merchant service provider offering online payment solutions with mobile and desktop processing apps. It is a verified ISO/MSP of the Central Bank and an Authorize.Net reseller, providing payment terminals through Poynt. The company, established in 2011, serves multiple industries, including education, electronics, healthcare, accounting, tax prep, SAAS, restaurants, personal services, tobacco, and SEO and SEM services. It caters to retail, e-commerce, mobile, low-risk, and wholesale businesses.

Moolah has partnered with various third-party applications to provide the best package to its clients with POS systems, accounting software, and e-commerce solutions. It facilitates in-person payments for physical stores and on-the-go scenarios. The provider offers cost-effective and modernized payment programs for dental practices and accommodates NFC. Merchants are provided with customizable APIs and advanced fraud detection tools to ensure secure payments. 

The company promises exemplary service with its vast integrated platforms to satisfy individual payment needs. It purveys efficient hardware and software, enabling merchants to deliver excellence to their customers with competent terminals compatible with ApplePay and GooglePay. Here is an elaborate Moolah review for merchants to determine the pros and cons of what they are dealing with;

Fees and Agreement Details

Merchants are offered a month-to-month contract with a flat pricing model and the choice to cancel the agreement anytime without an early termination fee. The provider charges 2.69% plus $0.29 for swiped and keyed-in transactions and a similar virtual terminal rate. According to the Moolah reviews, consumers pay a $25 chargeback fee, a $19.95 monthly chargeback fee for an e-commerce account, and $99.95 for an in-store account.

The company does not charge PCI compliance, gateway, statement, and setup fee. Merchants can access the free payment gateway by registering directly with Authorize.Net and a free Poynt terminal for in-person transactions. 

Moolah Consumer Support

The provider has reserved a domestic phone support number available during business hours and a support form on the official website. Merchants can access a live one-on-one chat option and a knowledge base containing basic instructions. There is also an FAQ page on the website. 

Marketing Practices

The company trains an in-house sales team and uses traditional strategies and partnerships to market its name. It does not hire independent sales agents for promotions and provides honest quotes. It is safe to assume that Moolah provides all the necessary information and does not deceive its clients. 

Features and Benefits

The company accepts all major credit card brands and offers EBT, EMV, and NFC acceptance. Merchants are provided with features such as email invoicing, subscription billing, transaction management, and product organization. They are offered chargeback prevention, a billing portal, fraud elimination tools, and loyalty programs. 

The provider benefits consumers by integrating with renowned companies, including Magento, Wix, Lavu, Lightspeed, FreshBooks, Xero, eBay, Spreedly, Shopify, Big Commerce, and more. These partnerships facilitate POS terminals, professional web presence, real-time reporting, virtual terminals, and shopping cart integration, enabling merchants to be ahead in the marketplace. 

In-Person Payments

The company accommodates all payment types and provides the best checkout experience for merchants and customers with GoDaddy Poynt terminals. The all-in-one smart device is NFC and WiFi enabled, compatible with Google and Apple Pay, and has a built-in printer. Merchants can set up new users on their phones and view real-time statistics to manage their business anywhere. They can manage their income, view incoming payments, and secure their customer’s card information in one place. 

Moolah provides messaging and feedback tools for merchants to communicate with their customers to get instant insight. With woo commerce integration, consumers can process credit cards on the website and set up recurring billing to automate payments. Furthermore, they can track customers’ spending habits and award loyalty programs to ensure repeat purchases, increasing customer loyalty. 

Online Payment Solutions

The provider ensures secure online transactions with the Authorize.Net payment gateway and virtual terminals. Consumers can upload batch and individual transactions, request payments by sending online invoices, manage subscription-based payments with ARB tools, and set up a user-friendly website. With Moolah’s advanced fraud detection suite (AFDS), users can prevent and manage costly, fraudulent, and suspicious transactions.

The company’s customizable API integration allows businesses to drive revenue and enhance productivity with data sync. They can personalize their online stores and benefit from useful features such as inventory management and product updates. This way, they can be notified of the availability of an item and can restock on time. The provider offers a built-in management platform, freeing merchants from hours of manually adding transactions. 

Moolah reviews show that the provider integrates with Open Dental, Modento, and Flex, allowing dental clinics to send payment requests to patients, store their cards, allocate payments for each treatment, and update transactions in patients’ files, all on a WiFi-enabled device. 

Free PCI Compliance

PCI compliance is mandatory for accepting credit card payments but can be difficult to maintain. Merchants may face multiple challenges to get certified and sustain it afterward. Moolah assists merchants throughout the process and provides the necessary tools without charging a compliance fee. Consumers can prevent data breaches and protect their customer’s data, offering a safe shopping experience. This will help build trust and increase customer satisfaction.

The company enables merchants to meet global standards and maintain a place among reliable retailers. Furthermore, businesses can avoid the monthly penalties they will receive if they are not implementing PCI requirements.

Moolah Reviews and Complaints

The provider has not received many online reviews, and there are few complaints against it on various consumer protection websites. There are no FTC reports or mentionable lawsuits against the company. The negative feedback concerns sub-par customer service and untimely payments. The scarcity of reviews indicates that merchants do not prefer giving online feedback. Therefore, the lack of online complaints can simply mean consumers have addressed their concerns in person. 

The company is not accredited by Better Business Bureau and has received zero reviews on Google and Yelp. Only two Moolah reviews on its social media handles prove merchants should not trust the company’s online reputation and should see for themselves. 

Disadvantages of Choosing Moolah

The provider imposes strict requirements and takes seventy-two hours for application approval. Merchants are charged higher for in-person payments and have to pay expensive chargebacks. Its mobile card reader requires a lightning cable to connect with smartphones which is a bummer. Moreover, the company fails to provide adequate customer support. Here is a Moolah review concerning the drawbacks faced by its consumers;

Too Expensive 

The company charges a high monthly minimum fee from merchants processing a small amount and offers too expensive rates for moderate to large-scale businesses. Merchants processing in-person payments are offered higher rates than the rest and charged a chargeback fee that is not competitive with the top-rated service providers offering cheap rates. Merchants should compare the company’s rates with other payment facilitators before deciding. 

Connectivity Issues 

Merchants have complained that the company’s mobile card reader indicated connectivity issues. iPhone users with model 7 and above must use a lighting cable to connect with the reader. Customers will be unable to avail of the credit card swipe, chip, and contactless payments with the company’s mobile card reader if there is no lightning cable available. This dependency is a huge drawback as it limits the experience and lowers productivity. 

The provider does not mention this information beforehand, which causes discomfort on the merchant’s end when they cannot utilize the card readers to their full potential.

Inadequate Customer Support

The company’s limited support options are not adequate for a large clientele. The provider only offers one dedicated phone number as a helpline available during specific hours for domestic clients. It does not provide an email support address, and merchants have to contact Authorize.Net in case of issues regarding the payment gateway, which is an obvious setback.

Merchants are not assisted by a dedicated account manager and must make do with the available options. Good customer service is a game changer for a provider, even when it cannot deliver the best services. Rather than a facilitator with a range of services but improper customer dealing, a merchant’s interest and loyalty are inclined towards a provider that offers undivided attention and support at all times, even with limited services. 

Final Words

The company is a reliable merchant account provider for most businesses, but its deficiencies in some major areas can be troublesome. As deduced from this Moolah review, the provider’s services are too pricy for businesses processing in-store payments, and its chargeback fee is beyond affordable for small to medium size companies. It does not provide reliable customer service, and merchants are left alone to resolve their issues. 

It is hard to decipher if the provider is suitable for one’s business since there are not enough responses on any review platform. Therefore, new merchants are forced to try and determine for themselves. Retail merchants and consumers processing in-person transactions are advised to look for an affordable payment facilitator for their store. E-commerce merchants better weigh the pros and cons, negotiate where they can, and ask as many questions as possible to avoid confusion before signing up with the company.

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