NoblePay Credit Card Processing Review

Formerly known as PowerPay America, NoblePay Credit Card Processing or Noble Payment Systems is a merchant service provider headquartered in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Established in 2008, the company is a verified ISO/MSP of Deutsche Bank and resells the payment processing services of Fiserv, Chase Merchant Services, and North American Bancard.

In this NoblePay Credit Card Processing Review, we will understand how NoblePay has strived to help local businesses grow their profits and reach more customers since its conception. The provider has offered services to gas stations, transportation companies, home service providers, healthcare providers, technicians, restaurants, salons, bakeries, and non-profit organizations, among the top clientele of NoblePay.

The company advertises free equipment and 0% processing charges on top of helping businesses formulate systems that increase their annual savings significantly. Better financial markers allow clients to grow and adapt to the ever-changing climate of the business world.

NoblePay Credit Card Processing Review

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But to know whether these claims are true or hollow, here is a detailed NoblePay Credit Card Processing review to give you an idea of what to expect as a NoblePay client;

NoblePay Credit Card Processing Review – Features and Services

Like most modern payment facilitators, NoblePay accepts all major credit and debit card brands to process in-person, on-the-go, and e-commerce transactions. The provider offers payment solutions specifically designed for the merchant and emphasizes customized alert notifications. Merchants are provided with EMV card readers, POS systems, and virtual terminal solutions. The provider offers valuable features such as custom invoices, employee management, inventory tracking, and sales reporting to help clients streamline their business. Here is a brief overview of what NoblePay brings to the table

NoblePay Credit Card Processing Review - Features and Services

POS Solutions

NoblePay Credit Card Processing reviews show that the provider offers point-of-sale solutions through Harbortouch and Clover. This hardware has Android and iOS compatibility, so businesses can handle all payment methods with a versatile user interface. Merchants are offered free equipment placement of their requirements. It should be noted that each device, including the mobile credit card reader, requires a monthly license fee.

Same-Day Funding

Based on the client’s business needs, NoblePay accommodates next-day and same-day funding options allowing users to control regular deposits without waiting several days. This flexibility enables businesses to access instant capital and handle the issues at hand. Even though expensive, same-day funding saves clients the hassles of regular funding and restores their cash flow quickly, reducing financial losses.

Sales Reporting

Business can enhance their productivity through real-time sales reporting tools. These tools provide analytics of transaction history, customer spending habits, inventory updates, and employee insights to help merchants keep track of their business and make informed decisions. Consumers can access a dashboard displaying the total sales, ticket amounts, and transactions. This helps them know their customers, avoid low stock, and maintain healthy competition with their rivals.

Billing and Invoicing

Merchants can email regular invoices to customers with one click from their back office or POS. They can send one-time or recurring invoices at fixed intervals for each customer. According to NoblePay Credit Card Processing reviews, users can generate automatic invoices to avoid manually sending each invoice. This way, customers will receive the billing information and pay accordingly at a fixed frequency.

NoblePay Billing and Invoicing system

NFC Contactless Payments

In the diverse range of offerings, NoblePay also has NFC-based contactless payments compatible with most smart devices and computers. This enhances convenience and ensures faster and safer checkouts without long queues. This mode of payment utilizes NFC devices/contactless credit cards or mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. It should be noted that NFC contactless payments are only possible within a four-inches distance and cannot be conducted beyond that.

Mobile Payment Solutions

Remote businesses can accept payments on the go with the provider’s efficient mobile card reader. NoblePay Credit Card Processing reviews have indicated that merchants can accept EMV chip and magstripe cards by converting their internet-enabled device into a payment portal. Furthermore, businesses can install the Payanywhere app to ensure frictionless transactions and keep track of each transaction. These payment solutions allow merchants to increase profits by reaching customers wherever they are.

Rates and Contract

NoblePay does not list its contract or pricing details; most of the information is gained from consumer reviews. Here is an overview of the company’s processing rates and agreement intricacies based on the information available online;

Contract Terms

The company facilitates variable contract terms depending on a merchant’s business needs and processing history. NoblePay may outsource its contracts through Fiserv or the other partner companies, but it is unclear. Merchants have hinted at an unspecified early cancelation fee and variable PCI compliance charges.

Pricing Model

Merchants are offered a tiered pricing plan. However, B2B and B2G businesses processing Level 1 and Level 2 processing require interchange rates different from conventional credit card processing. The possibility of requesting an interchange plus pricing structure is inevident.

Processing Fees

NoblePay Credit Card Processing reviews indicate a $20 to $30 monthly minimum fee with an average processing rate of 1.00% to 4.99%. Merchants pay a $99 annual PCI compliance fee. The provider does not enlist its virtual terminal rates or the charges for the rest of its services. Consumers should expect variable rates depending on their agreement.

Equipment Lease Terms

The company advertises free equipment placement and claims not to bind merchants to long-term equipment leases. The hardware can be bought for under $500 with variable monthly license fees.

Consumer Support

The provider has reserved a general support number on the website for customers to address complaints. There is an FAQ page and online chat facility on the website. These support options are inadequate to rank NoblePay among reliable payment processing companies.

Marketing and Sales

NoblePay generally promotes its services through referral programs and advertisements on the official website. Several consumers have accused the provider of using dishonest sales tactics and promoting false claims. Furthermore, concealing important contract details and misleading new merchants has resulted in many negative reviews against NoblePay.

NoblePay Credit Card Processing Reviews and Complaints

The payment facilitator has scarcely received some complaints over the past few years, but the theme of these complaints makes NoblePay come off as a rip-off. Consumers have written negative reviews regarding the provider’s misleading rates, illegal fund holds, troublesome account cancelation policies, subpar customer support, and expensive penalties.

It should be noted that some complaints seem suspicious as they are copied and pasted across multiple platforms, addressing NoblePay’s founder by his name. Regardless, merchants should be aware of the following drawbacks;

Poor Customer Service

Customer support is one of the main services that show how good a provider is. Regardless of the size, a service provider is expected to offer exceptional support options to satisfy its clients. NoblePay only maintains a general support number which is inadequate to rank it among reliable companies. The provider needs to up its game to be trusted by consumers. 

Suspicious Sales Practices

Several NoblePay Credit Card Processing reviews hint at the company’s dubious sales practices and misleading rate quotes. Users have complained that the provider does not offer a complete breakdown of its pricing since removing the rate schedule from the website. The company is accused of instigating unrealistic expectations by its aggressive marketing tactics.

Unclear Contract Terms

A commonly cited complaint against the provider revolves around its unclear contract terms. Consumers have faced trouble accessing the standard NoblePay agreement and have shown a lack of awareness regarding the equipment lease terms. Since the contract is inaccessible to the general public, it is difficult for consumers to determine if it is the right choice for their business.

Undisclosed Information

Concealing the necessary pricing details and offering only the crumbs of information causes a sense of distrust. Undisclosed or hidden information is one of the main reasons why clients may choose another provider. NoblePay does not disclose its processing rates. Most of its charges, including batch, early termination, and payment gateway fees, are unrevealed. This is a considerable drawback for new businesses.

Employee Complaints

According to the NoblePay Credit Card Processing reviews posted by former employees, the provider maintains a slow sales process and does not offer transparency to its sales staff. There are also some negative reviews concerning the company’s uncooperative management and dated technology.

BBB Ranking

NoblePay Credit Card Processing is not accredited by Better Business Bureau. It does not have a profile on BBB with its current or former business name. Merchants depending on online reviews to determine a company’s reputation should factor in the feedback on other authentic consumer protection websites.


Even though the provider offers reasonable services and contract terms, the lack of pricing and agreement disclosure leads to suspicion. All the negative aspects of NoblePay discussed in the review above put its integrity under suspicion. The absence of an effective customer support team further magnifies these problems, further frustrating clients.

As deduced from this NoblePay Credit Card Processing review, merchants should compare their options to reach a well-informed decision. They are encouraged to carefully examine the reviews and take precautionary measures to avoid inconvenience.

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