Retriever Merchant Solutions Review

Retriever Merchant Solutions Review, Rates, and Complaints

Retriever Merchant Solutions is an Indiana-based merchant account provider founded in 1993. It is a well-known company and so our experts came up with an authentic Retriever Merchant Solutions review based on real facts. 

The company’s name, “Retriever,” was taken from Retriever Payment Systems, which used to be an ISO of National Processing Company (NPC). The company is headquartered on Margo Lane in Munster, Indiana with Brian Kamstra as the president.

Retriever Merchant Solutions is a registered ISO of Fifth Third Bank, N.A., Cincinnati, OH, and Woodforest National Bank, Houston, TX. 

In 2006, Retriever Payment Systems was acquired by Iron Triangle Payment Systems but later converted into a subsidiary of (NPC) National Processing Company. At present, the original company “Retriever Payment Systems” does not exist. It has now split into many independent offices in the United States. One of these independent entities is Retriever Merchant Solutions, operating under the company’s original logo and name. Some of the other offices are:

  • Payroc, also known as Retriever Payment Chicago of Geneva, Illinois.
  • Retriever of Concord, California.
  • ConsumerPay, also known as Retriever of Jackson, Mississippi.
  • Retriever of Orlando, Florida, and Memphis, Tennessee. 
  • Retriever Medical/Dental Payments, Inc. of Valhalla, New York.
  • Retriever Merchant Solutions of Waterville, Ohio.

Because all of the above-listed entities are independent of each other, Retriever Merchant Solutions does not show affiliation with anyone on the list. It is now working as the reseller of WorldPay (also known as Vantiv) and is no longer linked with the corporation named Retriever Payment Systems. 

In 2021 Retriever was purchased by Payroc. According to the latest updates, Retriever Merchant Solutions has also been divided into many separate units, and a few of them are still using the name Retriever. 

Retriever Merchant Solutions was acquired by Payroc

The Retriever Merchant Solutions review below is based on its individual operations, with no connection to past owners and acquisitions.

Real And Authentic Retriever Merchant Solutions Review

Retriever Merchant Solutions Services 

Retriever Merchant Solutions offers several payment processing solutions to its merchants. These services include POS systems from Poynt and ShopKeep, which provide mobile and tablet payment solutions. The company also offers its merchants EMV and MOTO support and contactless payment options like Apple Pay, Google Wallet, PayPal, and Q.R. codes. The company supplies its merchants with credit card terminals to process credit and debit cards, with support for EMV, Magstripe, PIN, EBT, and gift cards. There is a lack of information on whether Retriever allows software integration with third parties or provides its own solutions. 

Adding to its catalog of offerings, Retriever provides a series of supplies under its Advantage buyer program. This includes paper, ink, and toner for printers used with the POS system. Furthermore, it offers loyalty programs to make offerings more attractive for merchants and their customers.   

Customer Service

Based on reviews, the customer service of Retriever Merchant solutions is below average compared to its rivals. The provider’s customer service seems to have worsened as the reviews have become significantly negative in recent years. The drop in the rating is mainly due to the delayed response and unsatisfactory answers to the submitted inquiries.
The company offers its customers live phone support and has given contact numbers on its website. The dedicated phone support is available during business hours only, and an email address is provided for queries during off-business hours. The contact numbers to contact support are given below:

  • Toll-Free General Customer Service (877) 599-3875
  • Tech Support (800) 877 2265
  • ShopKeep Text Support (877) 759-9919
  • 24/7 Poynt Specialist (866) 270 1962

Retriever Merchant Solutions also entertains customer queries via the live chat option on the website. Merchants can also email their inquiries to the company at [email protected]. Clients can find answers to the most commonly occurring problems in the FAQ section on the Retriever website. This helps save the precious time merchants would otherwise spend interacting with customer service.

Price and Rates

Very little information is available online as Retriever Merchant Solutions does not publicly disclose its terms and rates. The rates can be speculated to be like WorldPay, as Retriever is a reseller of WorldPay services. Upon reviewing the WorldPay website, it can be seen that they charge 2.90% + $0.30 for card-present transactions, and card-not-present transactions are charged at 3.30% + $0.30.

In case of early account termination, up to $295 is charged as an early termination fee. But most merchants have reported being charged $375 as early termination fees. Other fees include a monthly fee, annual charges, and a PCI compliance fee of $15 to $25 per month. There are several additional minor fees that Retriever charges its merchants, which are only visible on its statements. Fees of a merchant account are exclusive and vary according to factors like business type, merchant size, time in business, and representatives opening the account. 

The rates of Retriever Merchant Solutions are negotiable. Merchants are advised to ensure they get the best deal by researching the cheapest rates for the services and negotiating with the sales agent as much as possible. If you do not negotiate the rates, Retriever services tend to be more expensive than the industry average.

Equipment Leases

Retriever Merchant Solutions does not offer the equipment leases at its end but resells four-year-long non-cancellable equipment leases of other companies. The company’s representatives sign merchants up for these equipment leases through the Lease Finance Group. A significant part of the company’s negative feedback comprises of reviews against the exploitative equipment leases.

In some cases, sales representatives signed merchants up for leases that cost them $50 a month. Equipment that could be bought for less than $500 ended up costing merchants more than $2000, which is unacceptable. As equipment leases are non-cancellable, merchants are asked to clear out the remaining installment amount in a single sum if they try to cancel the contract. That is why the preferred strategy for the merchants is to buy equipment at full price, if possible. Equipment leases are not recommended to merchants in any case. They can become immense financial burdens when all the fees add up.

Marketing Strategies 

Retriever Merchant Solutions relies greatly on independent sales agents to promote its services. Independent sales agents become reasons for unsatisfied clients, as they have little insight into the company’s services. These agents often receive minimal training from merchant service providers, resulting in unprofessional behavior. Furthermore, the only incentive independent sales agents have are sales commissions, so they often use misleading and forceful tactics to get merchants to sign up. 

As expected from the use of resellers, Retriever Merchant Solutions has many merchants complaining about misrepresenting facts, non-disclosure of terms, and fee structure. Merchants have also accused the representatives of using aggressive sales tactics, forcing merchants into unwanted subscriptions. Merchants often report that independent sales agents disappear once the account gets set up with the company. These practices do not favor merchant account providers and become a means for below-average customer satisfaction compared to rivals.

The provider also advertises its services through telemarketing, contracted agents, and an in-house marketing team. A positive aspect of the company is that it does not officially indulge in promoting deceptive practices. The company’s lineup does not seem to involve deceitful promises and misleading prices in its promotion. But, if you have observed deceptive tactics by the company’s official, you are suggested to perform a third-party audit of prices and terms before finalizing your account. 


Retriever Merchant Solutions has received over 60 reviews and complaints on different consumer protection websites. All complaints are not explicitly directed to Retriever Merchant Solutions; some also discuss Retriever ISOs. The reviews particular to Retriever Merchant Solutions reveal problems like undisclosed contract terms, expensive equipment leases, the discrepancy in advertised and charged fees, and non-cancellable services. Some merchants have accused the company of being a rip-off or scam.

BBB Rating 

Retriever Merchant Solutions was accredited by Better Business Bureau and received 13 complaints in the previous 36 months. Of these 13 complaints, nine reported product and service issues, two were with billing disputes, and two discussed product and service problems. 

The Complaint resolving ratio of Retriever Merchant Solutions on the BBB website is below average, as only 5 out of 13 complaints were resolved to customer satisfaction. The rest of the eight complaints were either left unnoticed or given unsatisfactory responses. Overall, BBB awarded Retriever Merchant Solutions an A+ rating which is inconsistent considering the complaints resolving percentage. 

As per recent updates, the BBB profile of Retriever Merchant Solutions has been mysteriously erased from the website, and the link opens an empty profile named Single Reporting. 

BBB Informal Reviews

Apart from 13 formal complaints on the BBB, merchants have also submitted seven informal reviews on the website. Four of seven are negative, while the other three are positive. The most recent reviewer reported being charged for the services even after they sent in an account closure request. 

Merchants have complained about being charged for the services monthly even after switching to the other processor. There is also an accusation that the representatives hide some terms intentionally and provide ambiguous information. Some of the other concerns raised were: 

  • Cancelation of an account required an ETF of $375, which was not mentioned at the time of the agreement. 
  • The copy of the contract terms emailed to the merchant differed from the one provided in the carbon copy for signature. 
  • The company charged $50 per month for five years for equipment that cost $150. 
  • Debit card transactions were not permitted on the terminal. 

The issues reported above are only in 1 informal complaint submitted on the BBB profile. Several other merchants have faced the same problems and have shown concern over the internet. 


No class action lawsuit has been filed against Retriever Merchant Solutions. The merchants who have witnessed any illegal activity inside the company and want to file legal action against it can contact relevant higher authorities. 


There have been a lot of negative reviews against Retriever Merchant Solutions, with some merchants calling it a scam. Some of the most frequently discussed problems include high rates compared to the other competitors, difficulty canceling service, early termination fees, customer service, chargeback fees, and deceptive marketing. 

Expensive Fee & difficulty in canceling service 

Merchants have difficulty canceling the merchant account and have found the company charging the money even if they ask for cancellation. They have reported it as “stealing money.” Those who have shifted from another payment processor to it have regretted their decision. It is mainly because of the higher processing fees and lack of services compared to their previous provider. Merchants have to pay a hefty ETF even if they are unsatisfied with the processor a week after they signed up. Merchants are stuck in a long-term contract even if they disapprove of it thoroughly. The exorbitant fee and equipment leases are unreasonable for a small or even an average-sized merchant.

Marketing & Customer Support

The independent sales agents hired by Retriever often use deceptive tactics to trick customers into signing up. A discrepancy between the contract terms promised before the account creation and imposed after can be observed. Various merchants said they were unaware of the contract length and early termination fees as the representatives hid the information. Some even commented that they were promised lesser prices, but the company charged more.

Online feedback shows immense frustration over unsatisfactory responses from customer service representatives. Sub-par customer support adds salt to the wounds of merchants who are already unhappy over being deceived.

Is the Company Suitable for Your Business?

Based on the Retriever Merchant Solutions review above, it cannot be deemed suitable for new start-ups and average-sized businesses. The hurdles merchants have to go through during sign up with Retriever are very concerning, especially considering the hefty fee they charge for their services. Some rivals of the provider offer the same services and features without charging a massive amount and offer much better contract terms. 

If a merchant has already signed up for their services or finds this provider beneficial for their business, it is recommended to avoid equipment leases. According to this review, Retriever Merchant Solutions is a below-average merchant account provider that is not worth the money.

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