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Payline Data Review, Rates, and Complaints

Payline Data is a credit and debit card processing company founded in 2009, offering businesses of all sizes the ability to accept credit and debit cards and other forms of electronic payments. It is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois giving merchants competitive pricing and a wide range of accepted payment types. You’ll be able to use the services of Payline Data to process your transactions as soon as you have your merchant account set up.

Payline Data is an electronic payment processor that offers various services, including credit and debit card processing, ACH processing, and more. With it, you’ll be able to accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other mobile wallets. 

Payline Data is beneficial when it comes to online marketing. By understanding what people are doing on your site, you can ensure that your marketing efforts are better targeted and more effective. However, using its services can also be a bit of a double-edged sword. This Payline Data review will discuss all the benefits and potential drawbacks of the organization. 

Payline Data Features

Payline Data offers its clients a wide range of features and services. Some of the most popular features and services include:

Seamless Integration 

With Payline Data, you can manage all your payments in one place. The platform lets you connect to various payment processors and accounts to keep track of your finances in one central location. 

While seamless integrations are generally good, when you look a little closer, there are a few potential drawbacks. If something goes wrong with the integration, it can be challenging to track down and fix the issue. Moreover, integrations can sometimes add complexity to your system, making it more difficult to use and understand.


Tokenization is breaking up a stream of text into smaller chunks or tokens. In Payline Data, tokenization is used to segment customer information to be securely stored and processed.

Payline Data is a leading provider of tokenization solutions. It helps to protect customer data by making it more difficult for unauthorized individuals to access and use sensitive information. Thus, it secures your sensitive data, simplifies compliance, and reduces your PCI DSS scope.

Customizable Checkout Experience

Payline Data has a customizable checkout experience that allows you to tailor the look and feel of your payment pages to match your brand. It also offers a mobile-friendly checkout experience that is optimized for all devices.

Payline’s checkout process is designed to be as easy and seamless as possible, allowing customers to choose their preferred payment method and shipping option. 

However, per the reviews, you may need to pay extra for some of the customization options Payline offers. While this may not be a problem for some businesses, it could deter others.


At Payline Data, transactions are processed for various businesses, including online retailers, brick-and-mortar stores, and card-not-present merchants. The rates are based on your business type, average transaction size, and processing volume. It also offers discounts for businesses that process large volumes of transactions.

Payline Data review suggests that merchants can process two types of transactions through the processor: in-person and online.

In-person transactions are processed through a physical card reader, while online transactions are processed through an online payment gateway. The rates for both transactions are different, so you must know which type of transaction you’re processing before you begin.

In-person transactions have a higher rate than online transactions because they come with a higher risk of fraud. Payline Data charges a higher rate for in-person transactions to offset this risk. Online transactions have a lower rate because they are processed through an automated system less susceptible to fraud.

When you’re ready to start processing transactions, check with Payline Data to find out which type of transaction you’ll be processing. It will help you determine the correct rate to charge. Payline offers a variety of rates and fees, so be sure to ask about all of your options before you begin.

Payline Data Complaints and Reviews

Payline is no stranger to complaints as a major payment processing service provider. According to reviews, the company has been the subject of many complaints over the years.

One of the most common complaints about Payline Data is that it charges high fees. While it is true that the company does charge fees for its services, these fees are generally in line with those set by other providers.

Another common complaint is that Payline Data is difficult to work with. The company often requires its customers to use a third-party processor.

Payline has a long history of complaints from its customers. From hidden fees to terrible customer service, there’s much to be unhappy about when you’re doing business with the provider.

BBB Rating

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Payline has an A+ rating. However, the company has had some negative reviews and complaints lodged against it. Some customers have complained about hidden fees, poor customer service, and unexpected account closures. 

Moreover, as per the BBB website, most of these complaints allege that Payline has failed to provide promised services or that the company has been unresponsive to customer inquiries. Other complaints allege billing and contract issues. Overall, the BBB gives Payline Data a mixed review.

If you’re considering using Payline Data for your business, it’s important to be aware of the pitfalls. Ensure you understand the fees and read the fine print before signing up. And be prepared for less-than-stellar customer service if you run into problems.

Lawsuits and Fines 

Complaints about Payline Data’s credit card processing practices have filed lawsuits against the company. 

Payline Data has been hit with lawsuits and fines from multiple states for allegedly breaking consumer protection laws. The company has been charged with illegally charging customers for services, failing to deliver on promises, and engaging in other deceptive practices.

The lawsuits allege that Payline engaged in deceptive and unfair practices, including charging hidden fees, failing to disclose terms and conditions adequately, and engaging in bait-and-switch tactics.

In one lawsuit, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) alleges that Payline Data charged hidden fees totaling millions of dollars to consumers who used its services to process payments for their businesses. The FTC also alleges that Payline Data failed to disclose the actual costs of its services and engaged in bait-and-switch tactics by promising one price but then charging a higher fee.

Payline Data has also been sued by several merchant account providers, including Total Merchant Services and Merchant Processing Solutions, for allegedly breaching their contracts.

Employee Complaints

Payline Data is a technology company that provides payment processing solutions to businesses. 

The company has recently been reviewed as the subject of employee complaints, with employees alleging that they have not been paid correctly or on time. In some cases, employees have also complained about the company’s customer service and treatment of its employees. 

Negative Aspects of Payline

Although Payline Data has much to offer businesses in payment processing, merchants should consider the following drawbacks based on the reviews.

Product Malfunction

Payline Data is a company that provides payment processing services to businesses of all kinds. 

One major complaint is that the company’s payment processing services are unreliable. Many businesses have reported that their transactions are not being processed correctly or not receiving the funds they are owed promptly. It has caused significant financial hardship for many companies, as they cannot receive payments from customers or make payments to suppliers.

Complicated Interface

The Payline Data interface can be pretty complicated for first-time users. Merchants need to adjust many options and settings, and knowing where to start cannot be easy. The interface is also not very user-friendly, and finding the information you’re looking for can be tricky.

Moreover, the interface of Payline Data is not as user-friendly as some of the other options on the market. It can make it difficult to navigate and use, especially for those unfamiliar with data entry or analysis. Additionally, the interface does not provide as much flexibility as other products, limiting its usefulness for certain users.

Limited Analysis 

Payline can be quite limiting regarding the types of analysis merchants can conduct. It has received negative reviews because it only captures a limited amount of information on each transaction, such as the purchase price and date. More detailed analyses, such as customer segmentation or identifying spending patterns, are impossible with Payline Data.

Limited Information

Another limitation of Payline Data is that it only shows a limited amount of information. For example, you might be able to see how many people started the checkout process, but you won’t be able to see how many people completed the purchase. It is a problem because it’s essential to understand what happened after someone started the checkout process. Did they encounter any problems? Did they abandon their purchase?

Poor Customer Support

Payline Data has grown rapidly but recently came under fire for its scalability issues. In particular, the company has been criticized for lacking customer support and slow response times to customer inquiries.

The company has also been reviewed as being unresponsive to customer complaints and not providing adequate documentation on its products and services. These criticisms have led some customers to question the viability of Payline Data as a long-term solution for their credit card processing needs.

Requires Additional Hardware 

Payline Data is a great way to get detailed information about your customers, but it requires additional hardware. 

One of the potential drawbacks of using Payline Data is that it may require additional hardware to function correctly. It can increase the overall cost of using the service and the complexity of setting it up. Additionally, if something goes wrong with the hardware, it cannot be easy to troubleshoot and fix.

Account Approval Difficulties

One of the drawbacks of using Payline Data is that it can be difficult to get approvals for account freezes and holds. Payline Data requires a merchant account, and many banks are hesitant to approve merchant accounts for businesses that they perceive as high-risk. In addition, Payline Data has been known to charge high fees for account freezes and holds, which can deter businesses on a tight budget.

Insufficient Fraud Protection

Another disadvantage of Payline Data is that it does not have sufficient fraud protection measures. It can be a problem for businesses that process many credit card transactions, as they may risk losing a significant amount of money if their customers’ information is stolen. Payline Data has been known to have some issues with data security in the past and has received negative reviews, so this is something that businesses should be aware of before signing up for their services.


One complaint of Payline Data is that it is incompatible with all software. Some software may be unable to read or use the data, which can cause problems down the line. Additionally, Payline Data may not be compatible with some hardware. It can be exhausting for users trying to use Payline Data with their existing setup.

Service Glitches

Payline Data offers merchant services that enable businesses to accept credit and debit card payments. The company provides ACH processing, check verification, and fraud prevention solutions.

When reviewed, Payline Data has not been immune to service glitches despite its many features. Recently, the company has experienced several outages that have left customers unable to process payments.


While Payline Data is generally considered a reliable and affordable option for credit and debit card processing, the company has had its share of service problems in recent years. In particular, the processor has been plagued by complaints about sudden account closures, unexpected fees, and extensive customer service wait times.

Using Payline Data, there are no built-in fraud protection or security features. It means that businesses could be at risk of losing money if their customer’s information is stolen. 

This Payline Data review suggests that it is not a good choice based on the negative reviews the provider has received. But it can be considered an affordable and reliable credit card processing solution compared to a few rivals in the market. Merchants should not forget to compare their features and benefits against other providers to ensure they are the right fit for your business.

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