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PowerPay is based in Portland, Maine, and operates under its brand or as EVO Payments International. PowerPay, one of New England’s leading credit card processing companies, serves over 50,000 businesses globally and is the parent organization of e-online data. Below are some crucial facts about the company that you will know in our PowerPay review.

The organization has been operating since 2003 and provides various payment options to businesses of all kinds. PowerPay positions itself as a dynamic, versatile one-stop solution for its clients. In this PowerPay analysis and profile, we will look at what the business offers or whether PowerPay is turning customers on or off.

PowerPay: Overview

Ceridian PowerPay is a payroll program that is quick, easy, and intuitive, and 40,000 Canadian local company owners use it. Pay your bills and manage your employees more easily. You are the organization as a business owner. 

You should spend the time you spend on wages and HR elsewhere. PowerPay allows users to manage their HR and payroll operations, track compliance, and repay employees from their PCs or mobile phones.

PowerPay Review Based on Usage

PowerPay Review
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Merchants can utilize PowerPay as a one-stop shop with payment acceptance, accepting POS transactions, mobile sales, part dependent, and other services. The business views itself as a collaborator for its merchants, collaborating to give the payment solutions that today’s customers desire. 

This means that stores with POS systems must take secure, dependable credit card payments in-store and accept personal notes at the register. PowerPay vertices a personal check to an online check for verification, ensuring that a business gets payment at the moment of the transaction and lowering the risk of a merchant. 

PowerPay provides ChargeEasy, a virtual circuit solution that works with any PC, to businesses looking for an alternative to standard POS systems. For PowerPay, a merchant simply plugs the card smartcard reader into a device’s USB port and processes payments over the PC’s internet connection.

The solution employs Authorize.net’s secure gateway to keep all based on contract. PowerPay takes transactions on the road with AppCharge, allowing businesses to accept payments and adopt an appropriate iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Customers can sign up for transactions on the phone’s screen. You can send a receipt directly to the customer’s email inbox. 

They will also include a duplicate of the signing in the receipt. This mobile functionality is also applicable for card-not-present transactions. PowerPay facilitates the sale and redemption of gift cards and customer loyalty points for merchants

While many SMBs believe these capabilities are only available to larger companies, PowerPay provides merchants of all kinds only with the tools they have to offer these alternatives. Unlike paper credentials, plastic allows businesses to include the most recent security measures in their gift certificate and reward schemes.


● PowerPay is a versatile payroll and human resources solution for small businesses

● PowerPay seems to have the right strategy to assist you and your company in succeeding, regardless of whether you’re just beginning out or seeking to grow

● Powerpay’s experienced customer service teams can assist you whenever you need them. A real agent will assist you quickly and efficiently


● Some clients have expressed a desire to allow recourse to more data in easy-to-read formats or in the ability to create custom reports

PowerPay Review: Complaints, Fees, Rates, Customer Feedback

PowerPay Review Based on Complaints and Customer feedback

Despite numerous complaints and unfavorable reviews, PowerPay, LLC has been recognized by the Better Business Bureau since 2004 and has an A+ rating. PowerPay has had 73 complaints resolved in the last three years with the BBB. 23 comments are unfavorable, and 1 review is positive.

Complaints allege erroneous billing methods that resulted in funds being held, poor customer service, irresolvable technical issues with devices, continued invoicing after cancellation, difficulties with transaction authorizations, misleading agreements, high fees, complexity canceling contracts, and unfair “reserve” amounts withheld from exchanges.

The 23 bad reviews echo the complaints’ discontent. However, the single good review claims to have never had any issues and a largely positive encounter with customer service. The other item you should highlight, which is significantly responsible for such an A+ rating, is that PowerPay attempted to resolve all of the issues.

PowerPay Review Based on Rates and Fees

PowerPay’s pricing, like most traditional business account providers, varies depending on various criteria, including a merchant’s business type, transaction volume, and the person who sets up the account. This means that PowerPay’s charges are very adjustable.

Merchants can avoid this cost by providing a signed notice of intent to terminate at least 30 days before switching providers. Failure to provide notification will result in the fee for early termination being imposed. Numerous merchants have faced this punishment due to not fully comprehending the regulation.

PowerPay Review Based on Payment Processing Options

Depending on your needs, PowerPay provides standard, modern, or industry-specific payment processing solutions. Face-to-face card processing, smartphone preparation, check preparation, internet gateways and terminals for eCommerce, gifts and loyalty rewards, and global processing solutions are among the payment possibilities. If your company requires working capital, PowerPay also offers a cash advance option.

Mobile payment

PowerPay AppCharge is available for people who require the ability to accept purchases outside of a regular store setting. AppCharge is a free app you can purchase straight from the iTunes store. 

AppCharge transforms a tablet or smartphone into a credit or debit card terminal, allowing users to sign in for payments immediately on the gadget for added security. AppCharge can handle swiped and entered transactions and includes an online interface for managing and tracking transactions.

International payment solution

By opening your account in your home country, PowerPay can assist international eCommerce enterprises in avoiding interregional costs. You can also allow your consumers to make payments in their native currency by using multi-currency conversion (MCC).

Check to process

PowerPay provides a variety of check acceptance and processing solutions for businesses, including check conversions with assurance, fund transfer capture, ACH processing, picture cash letter, and cash collection/recovery.

Virtual terminal

PowerPay supports the well-known Authorize.Net payment gateway. It includes a fraud prevention suite to safeguard your company and customers against fraudulent transactions. PowerPay can assist you in processing electronic transactions via your website utilizing online shopping that your clients are already acquainted with.

PowerPay’s ChargeEasy virtual terminal turns any internet-connected laptop into a credit or debit card terminal. Using the ChargeEasy webpage and a USB card swiper, you can accept contactless payments from any computer.


PowerPay has low online complaints for a business of size and duration. Reports of rapid account terminations started by PowerPay, unexpected holds placed on cash, unexpected fees, difficulty resolving problems, and difficulty contacting the company’s customer support are recurring themes among the concerns that do exist.

In most parts of our review, PowerPay ranks above average. It shows that the most prevalent source of merchant unhappiness with the company is communication about processing restrictions and fund-holding procedures. Before opening an account with PowerPay, high-volume or high-ticket merchants should inquire about restrictions and funding rules.

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