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ShopKeep Review, Rates, and Complaints

ShopKeep was introduced in 2008 and is a cloud-based Point of Sale or POS system for iPads. The POS system has been designed for businesses that are involved in small-scale retail industries and services. However, it is not limited to such businesses or industries. ShopKeep comes forth with a grouped merchant account services known as ShopKeep Payments. Still, its POS software solution can also be integrated with different types of credit card processors without any problem.

ShopKeep by LightSpeed was formerly referred to as ShopKeep POS. It is a dedicated POS or Point of Sale system that helps in streamlining an array of core business functionalities -right from customer & employee relationship management to inventory management, and so more. Lately in 2020, the POS platform has been purchased by LightSpeed -another leading POS service provider. Therefore, ShopKeep is not available anymore for new customers.

Still, LightSpeed continues maintaining the functionality of ShopKeep for businesses that are already using the platform. This implies that if your business continues using ShopKeep, you will receive access to guides, help articles, all the existing features, and live customer support that were available with the original purchase of the software solution. 

If you are in search of a new POS system, ShopKeep no longer remains an option. Rather, you can think of choosing from a myriad of other POS providers -including LightSpeed, that continue offering ShopKeep-powered hardware along with similar benefits.

How does ShopKeep Work?

ShopKeep is available as a comprehensive POS or Point of Sale system that is capable of running on iPad and other tablet-based systems through the use of the dedicated POS app. It helps in managing all core features of any business -right from managing transactions to inventory management, customer services, and so more. The POS system remains cloud-connected, therefore, it is possible for you to access the business data either locally or from any other device. 

The platform is also capable of running cash sales on the offline mode in case of some internet issue. Still, it will require reliable internet connection to process credit cards. The company is capable of offering in-house payment processing mechanism. This implies that you are capable of using the platform to process different types of credit card transactions. 

What are the Capabilities of ShopKeep?

  • Payment Processing: One of the most important functions of any POS system is processing payments. With the help of ShopKeep, you are given the chance to ensure in-house payment processing with the help of ShopKeep Payments. The service enables its users to accept most variants of credit cards along with dip, swipe, and contactless forms of payments. You are also able to get access to the card reader by ShopKeep through the dedicated hardware store. 

In case you already have access to some payment processor or wish to try out other options, ShopKeep can work with most other third-party payment processing providers out there.

  • Software: ShopKeep comes up with three basic versions of the dedicated POS software. Therefore, specific features might vary depending on the type of plan you have selected. Generally, the most inexpensive plan of the POS provider is also comprehensive enough to take care of the basic needs of a food or retail service business. 

Some of the core plans you can come across with ShopKeep are:

  1. Basic plan
  2. Essential plan 
  3. Advanced plan
  • Hardware: ShopKeep is capable of functioning the best on the iPad (6th Generation) or even iPad Mini 4 that runs on iOS 10 or above. LightSpeed continues portraying its features of the ShopKeep hardware store on its official website. The platform offers access to a wide range of hardware accessories -right from labels to credit card readers to pointers. You can filter the products on the basis of compatibility with particular iPad models. There is an option to filter out on the basis of Bluetooth connection as well.

Still, ShopKeep is no longer known to offer its bundles of Starter Kit. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase all accessories individually. It is important to consider that with all closures compatible with iPads, it is also required to buy the iPad separately.

ShopKeep Pricing

The previous software plans of ShopKeep start with $49 for every month. Still, prices for ongoing customers can vary from one account to another. You can visit the support article of Manage Account on the official website of the platform to go through different billing rates for the respective accounts. The plan might fall under the category of the following pricing options:

  • Basic -$49 per month that is billed annually and $69 per month that is billed monthly
  • Essential -$79 per month that is billed annually and $99 per month that is billed monthly
  • Advanced -$179 per month that is billed annually and $199 per month that is billed monthly

Irrespective of the pricing plan that you choose, ongoing users will still have given access to ShopKeep Payments for ensuring payment processing. ShopKeep Payments makes use of the model of interchange-plus pricing rather than the flat rate pricing model. Initially, it used to offer access to both the pricing options. This implies that it carries over the card fee of every brand while adding a separate markup. The pricing rates can vary. Moreover, these are estimated when you request a separate quote that has been tailored to the specific needs of your business.

ShopKeep Complaints

Currently, you can come across around 50 negative reviews regarding ShopKeep on the online platforms. Still, none of the complaints have regarded the service provider as a rip-off or a scam. The iPad app of the service provider has attained the rating of 2.9 out of 5 rating on the iTunes App Store. 

Until now, one of the most common complaints regarding ShopKeep is the lack of proper features. Then, there are complaints regarding hardware and software glitches in some cases. According to this review, ShopKeep is not capable of offering support for multiple sales tax rates, product exchanges, online store integration, or detailed sales reports item-wise. All of these complaints have been put forth by merchants. Additionally, there have been some complaints with respect to unreliable software or malfunctioning hardware systems.

ShopKeep Lawsuits

There has been no reference of any ongoing class-action FTC complaints or lawsuits filed against ShopKeep. Merchants who are dissatisfied and wish to pursue a non-litigious course of action against the organization can think of reporting the same to some relevant supervisory organization.

Customer Support Options for ShopKeep

There has been a series of recent complaints about the overall lack of resolution and slow responses of the customer support representatives of the company. ShopKeep claims the delivery of 24/7 customer support services. However, the support page of the service provider significantly emphasizes live chat, email support tickets, and support for live text message. There is the absence of any dedicated contact number to reach out to the company’s representatives. 

Benefits of ShopKeep

  • Customer reviews: A dedicated POS system is expected to deliver a complete package -including an abundance of useful features, intuitive designs, and top-class customer services. These features should be provided towards winning the game of positive customer reviews. ShopKeep has been effectively reviewed across a number of websites and consumer portals. This will offer owners of small-scale businesses a total peace of mind with respect to using the services offered by ShopKeep.
  • Hardware Options: The wide range of hardware systems and accessories by ShopKeep are still available on the website of the service provider. With a myriad of options available out there, it is simpler to combine towards the creation of a POS setup for meeting specific needs of businesses. 

ShopKeep POS Interface

This is one aspect in which the POS app of ShopKeep tends to stand out from others. Most of the competitor POS apps of the service provider feel complicated and dry. On the interface of ShopKeep POS, everything is presented in an easy-to-use and clear format. The set-up process during first-time installation will make you go through the step-by-step process regarding everything you are expected to do. The installation process will lay out specific instructions regarding ShopKeep POS and how it runs on the cloud. Therefore, you are provided access to any specific location as needed. All core information is effectively integrated into a single dashboard.

To top it all, ShopKeep POS is also capable of integrating with other leading payment apps while offering its users the option of its payments. This makes it simpler to integrate into the existing systems. While other POS platforms can appear confusing and jumbled, the interface of ShopKeep POS is clear and well-defined. It offers the assurance that you have access to ample information that you might require at any given moment.

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