UniBul Merchant Services Review

UniBul Merchant Services Review: Rates, Fees, Complaints, and Lawsuits [2024 Update]

Established in 2007, UniBul Merchant Services is a U.S.-based merchant account provider headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, serving local and international high-risk businesses. Partnered with multiple acquirers and back-end processors, including Fiserv, the company is an ISO of Wells Fargo Bank. Initially focused on exploring how the internet can transform the payment processing industry, it offers a range of online payment solutions to empower e-commerce companies.

UniBul Merchant Services promises fast approvals and an easy setup process enabling businesses to continue accepting payments without pausing. It aims to provide a safe online experience for merchants and their customers and guarantees to protect their sensitive information from harmful and unauthorized access.         Catering to multiple online, in-store, MOTO, and mobile businesses, the provider facilitates alternate payment methods and tailored solutions to businesses of varying needs.

UniBul offers its payment processing expertise to multiple clients, including the hospitality, retail, gaming, and travel industry. The provider does not purvey much information about itself, and its official website is purposeless in terms of offering insight into its services. Here is a detailed UniBul Merchant Services review helping merchants understand its pros and cons to determine if it’s best for their company;

Features and Services

Features and Services

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The provider entertains all credit and debit card payments and offers a well-designed POS system to support all transaction types. Enabling consumers to eliminate all the unnecessary clutter, UniBul streamlines day-to-day tasks to enhance productivity. Clients are offered sales tracking, shopping cart integration, and multi-currency acceptance. They are provided inventory and employee management to nurture a positive work environment and avoid stock shortages.

The company’s efficient and tech-savvy virtual terminal and payment gateway allow users to reach more clients by offering a user-friendly online store. Here are the products and facilities available to UniBul clients;

High-Risk Merchant Accounts

High-risk businesses face many difficulties that come in the way of their seamless success. Since such hard-to-place companies require additional services and an extra layer of protection to eliminate all the risk factors, most service providers avoid signing them as clients. This narrows down the list of reasonable account providers.

UniBul Merchant Services reviews indicate that the provider offers high-risk merchant accounts for said businesses. It facilitates instant approvals and tailored solutions to help merchants expand their companies. Users can process unlimited transactions without worrying about the monthly transaction volume.

International Businesses

The payment processor is connected to an extensive chain of well-established acquirors to accommodate international clients. It enables consumers to run their businesses from anywhere and access a variety of merchant accounts accessible at different locations. This way, users can eliminate all restrictions and expand beyond their domestic borders. UniBul offers quick funding and lowered transaction charges to enhance a company’s revenue and rapid growth.

Security Features

UniBul Merchant Services security features

According to UniBul Merchant Services reviews, merchants can utilize PCI-compliant equipment and services to enjoy enhanced security and avoid data breaches. They are facilitated with AVS and CVS verification to eradicate credit card fraud by indicating suspicious card access. Verified by Visa and SecureCode by MasterCard provide additional credit card security while shopping online. The company’s chargeback prevention and fraud management tools allow consumers to identify suspicious activities and decline risky transactions.

Payment Processing

UniBul enables businesses to accept all major credit cards, including Discover, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club International, and UnionPay. Merchants can receive payments in over 100 currencies, offering ease to international customers. They can also convert paper checks into e-checks and accept electronic payments on their phone.

Online Payment Solutions

UniBul primarily focuses on maintaining a vast range of advanced software and solutions for e-commerce transactions. Its payment gateway and free PCI-compliant virtual terminals enable customers to take secure credit card payments anywhere on their internet-enabled devices. MOTO businesses can text or email the payment link to customers or pin it on their website for a convenient shopping experience.

The provider enables clients to set up recurring billing for regular payments and access real-time reports for each transaction. Furthermore, users can customize filters to access a particular customer’s shopping history. This way, they can sort through a long list of buyers within seconds. UniBul Merchant Services reviews show that the company’s payment gateway can integrate with multiple shopping carts, including PrestaShop, Zen Cart, Magneto, and X-Cart.

Rates and Contract

Price transparency is one of the most appealing factors to consider in a payment facilitator, as it provides an honest overview for merchants to determine the feasibility of the company that may handle their business. The provider does not initiate any information regarding its pricing on the official website, and its contract details are not mentioned anywhere. Hence, clients are uncertain about most of the contract terms and fees.

Here is some pricing information gathered from UniBul Merchant Services reviews that might help new businesses looking forward to signing up with the company;

Contract Length

Merchants are bound to variable contract lengths depending on their business type, size, and processing volume. However, whether the company offers month-to-month or long terms agreements is still unclear. Users are also unaware of the early termination penalties and ETF in case they want to close their accounts.

Pricing Model

When reviewed, UniBul facilitates both interchange plus and tiered pricing plans for its clients. However, most merchants are tied to the former, which is convenient since the interchange-plus pricing structure is more transparent. Clients can also request the desired plan for their business.

Processing Charges

Although the company does not offer insight into its virtual terminal and gateway rates, a standard UniBul agreement costs a processing rate of 0.35% plus $0.15 to 1.69% plus $0.25. It should be noted that this rate only applies to qualified transactions. UniBul Merchants Services reviews indicate a $99 PCI compliance and a $10 statement fee.

Sales and Customer Support

UniBul has enlisted separate email addresses for consumer support, sales, and feedback. A support form and the company’s social media handles are linked on the website. There is no phone number or general helpline.

The payment processor trusts traditional marketing and partnerships. It trains its in-house team to promote its brand and does not hire independent sales representatives. However, UniBul fails to provide all the necessary information, and complaints about misleading marketing tactics have been cited.

UniBul Merchant Services Reviews and Complaints

The provider has maintained a low complaint profile which indicates its good reputation. However, the lack of reviews in general (positive or negative) shows that UniBul clients prefer not to post their feedback online.

When reviewed, the company has received criticism for its unavailable support team. Consumers are unhappy with limited disclosure and the company’s lack of communication. Here are the most common drawbacks of choosing UniBul as your payment facilitator;

Concealed Information

The provider deliberately hides all the necessary information. It does not mention anything on the website, and the sales team offers inadequate information. Consumers cannot know the services it purveys or the rates it demands. The company’s contract terms are concealed, and clients are unaware of its account cancelation policies. It is as if everyone signing up UniBul as their processor is doing so to try their luck because there is no concrete information to encourage it.

Inadequate Support

The payment facilitator does not maintain dedicated phone support, and the provided email address is inadequate to offer instant solutions. Users have difficulty addressing their queries and have complained about the limited resources accessible to solve their issues. UniBul Merchant Services reviews suggest that the company does not clarify if it directly handles its consumer support department or hands it to a third-party processor, which causes more confusion. Merchants don’t know where to direct their complaints.

High Charges

Even though UniBul has received few complaints and its rates are undisclosed, some reviews indicate a high PCI compliance fee. Since the provider caters to high-risk businesses, its rates can be expensive for most companies. Merchants are advised to request a complete rate disclosure before signing the agreement.

Lawsuits and Employee Complaints

Currently, no mentionable class-action lawsuits or FTC complaints are recognized against UniBul. The company’s employees have not written any testimonials in favor of or against their employer. However, it does not prove the provider’s competency, as there are hardly any positive reviews. 

BBB Ranking

UniBul is not accredited with BBB but is rated A+ on the review platform. There are currently zero formal or informal complaints posted on its profile. Since there are no positive reviews either, it is doubtful if the lack of complaints is because merchants are happy with the services. Clients likely chose not to post their thoughts on the consumer protection website.


The absence of high complaints could mean the provider is a reliable processor for high-risk companies. However, as deduced from this UniBul Merchant Services review, failing to clarify its contract details and promoting misleading sales practices should encourage merchants to analyze the pros and cons before concluding. They are advised to read the agreement thoroughly, request additional information, and ensure the absence of hidden fees before signing.

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